Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunday, march 28,2010

peace and quiet....

one of the really nice things about my community is that it totally clears out during sukkot, winter vacation and passover....nice and calm and quiet. the scary skinny people all go away...where they can be scary and skinny in nicer weather..though there are still quite a few scary and skinny people still at home-they are much less intimidating when they aren't in packs...

going to synagogue is so much less stressful-the walk of shame from the entrance to the women's section to my seat, which usually causes me so much anxiety(though it has gotten much better in the 12 years i have lived here...) is an easier walk to take-i might even skip down the aisle if the mood suits me...what am i talking about? i will most likely not be going anywhere-except to the kitchen to put on my apron and name tag and start taking orders...but i honestly don't mind, because this will be my last passover in my 30's and plan to enjoy every minute.

i am almost done cooking for the first days (and shabbos and the second days....) and ari and the boys are almost done not doing anything to help get ready for the holiday...but that is ok, because, as i just said, it is my last passover in my 30's and i am enjoying every minute....(and if i keep saying that, i might actually believe it!)

so i wish all of you a very happy and healthy holiday season-wherever you might be. I will be taking a few days off....but will be back with a recap of the first days before the weekend(unless I am in never know what could happen....)

Happy sunday

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