Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tuesday august 31, 2010

son #3

10 years ago today, my friend put me into labor by having her baby a week early. I remember like it was yesterday, calling her house to see how she was feeling and having her mother in law answer the phone telling me she was in labor and my saying "she cant be in labor, we aren't due for another week-how come im not in labor??" and then, i went into labor.

Not knowing that it was a boy, but assuming that it would be, and being that it was thursday and that husband #1 was not equipped to set up for a shalom zachor, i ignored the pains and took out table cloths, cleaned the basement and got everything in order. Husband #1 was happy because he knew that he would be spending the weekend with his parents, while i was in the hospital, by myself...all alone...with no one to talk to.....no, i dont hold grudges.....anyway..

1:30 am, friday, September 1, 2000, the dr says "in my 30 years of experience, this baby has short eyelashes and it is a girl.." and I said "hey, doc, my husband has to make a shalom zachor without me, would you just pull the rest of HIM out??" and there he was...son #3.....

keep in mind that son #1 wasn't yet 4 years old...and i had these 3 adorable little boys...who continue to be adorable 92% of the time....which, i guess, is a pretty good percentage...

happy tuesday

Monday, August 30, 2010

monday august 30, 2010 happy 10th emily!!

great inventors...or were they??

the inventor of high heels...a man who hated women? or a really really short person?

the inventor of the bra...a man who hated women? or a really really well endowed woman who was sick of tripping over herself?

the inventor of spanx...a man who hated women? or a woman who hates other women?(for the record, i do not wear spanx, tried a pair on before son #1's bar mitzva and laughed so hard trying to get myself into them, that i almost needed depends...enough said.)

unquestionable geniuses...jonas salk, thomas edison, ben franklin(i am referring to his bifocal invention, which kyra sedgwick wore proudly on the emmys last night and she totally rocked them....i, of course, will be needing them soon and will not rock them quite like she did, but i am also not married to kevin bacon so what did you expect?)

and now, let us discuss the inventor of the slumber party.... a man who hated his mother? or a really really demented insomniac who thought it would be fun to invite others over to share in his misery? were his intentions honorable or sadistic?

I will let you decide. the things we do for our children.

happy monday

Saturday, August 28, 2010

saturday august 28, 2010

ahh..to be young..

i have the privelage of babysitting for my twin niece and nephew for the second time this year. 5 nights this time. it has been a different experience because this time, home base is my parents house and not mine, so i am basically here for the 2 am wake ups. the 5 am wakeups, the 5:30 am diaper change..etc etc....what's funny is that my niece always seems to know which woman is in charge. when she was at my house in january, she followed me around, here, she follows my mom around...i guess she doesn't want to miss anything.

but really, is there anything cuter than when a 2 year old comes up to you and says "I have a big big doo doo...." i guess it is better than being called a big big doo doo. and the great thing about twins, is that once you finish changing one, the other one comes up to you...and...well, you get the picture.

they are cute, but man do i appreciate the fact that my baby is going to be 10 and i no longer have to watch him to make sure he doesn't fall down the stairs, eat inappropriate objects, go near outlets, pull down things from shelves....ya, you get the picture again.

going to sleep now, yes, it is only 8:30...but, someone will be up soon and as cranky as i am with sleep, that is how much crankier i am without it...

happy saturday

Thursday, August 26, 2010

thursday august 26,2010

the art and business of school supplies

back in the days of little house on the prairie, laura ingalls and her friends would go to school with a piece of coal fashioned as a pencil and a tablet of writing paper that Pa saved up for all year by doing extra harvesting in his neighbors yard. That is all laura needed and it served her well because she ended up marrying Almanzo(what was his name?) and all was right with the prairie.

when i was younger, my mom would take us to Drapkins..which was a stationary store in ridgewood. we went to town with binders and book covers and writing utensils and stuff we totally didnt need, but it was all new and shiny and we had to have it. Then, we would watch the us open and cover all of our books....some of us never ended up opening those beautifully covered books and some of us did rather well in school....

fast forward to my kids and their school suppplies. Really? are they serious? composition notebooks again? every year, they come home with the red one and the blue one and the black one and then the "color of their choice"(because the school wants to make them feel that they have a choice...)...and all of them only have between 2 and 5 pages used. Now, god forbid i should rip out those pages and let them reuse them again-that would be a tragedy and i might be arrested by child services. They need brand new composition notebooks. Fine, but that is the least of it.

Apparently, my children are being trained by the cia or the fbi because they need special spiral notecards and special folders with hidden compartments and special pencils and calculators and usb's and all of this other stuff....hmmmm, ziploc bags, container of coffee, pancake mix...wait a second-school supplies or breakfast for the teachers? (ok, i exaggarate, a bit...dont want to offend any teachers....especially the ones that have my sons....) I used to go to walgreens late at night when the manager would rather be smoking in the back than actually helping anyone and he would end up giving me everything on sale-it was a sweet deal. but now that walgreens is closed and i decided that the kids will have to hunt through the house for folders in fuschia, magenta, sunshine yellow and chameleon green(why those colors? who knows....i just do as i am told)

but in the end, no matter how much or how little they use the 5 thousand pencils that i have to sharpen for them in the pencil sharpener that came with our house that i think lauran ingalls might actually have used back in the day....i just want them to be happy and love school.

how is that for wishful thinking?

happy thursday

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tuesday august 24, 2010 happy belated birthday rick springfield....

Nanny McPhee....if it was only so easy.....

So after seeing Nanny McPhee returns(which was much better than the jennifer aniston movie...btw) i had to watch the first Nanny Mcphee movie tonight. For any of you who haven't seen it, and i hope i dont ruin it for you, because they are both real nail biters..one of the main points of the movie is that Nanny Mcphee is really scary looking...warts on her face, rosacea, bulbous nose, one snaggle tooth, big saggy bosom and figure to match-frighteningly ugly.(the other main point is that every time she bangs her stick, sparks fly out, which just proves my theory that a little electroshock therapy isn't necessarily bad for you kids....) Yet, every time, the children listen to her...something unattractive about her disappears....hmmm wouldnt that be nice??

"kids..please, for the 1 millionth time, could you please stop killing each other?!"

"yes mommy..."

10 pounds come right off.

"kids, could you please turn the goddam tv off and do your homework?!?!"

"yes mommy"
wrinkles around eyes vanish

"kids, could you please clean your rooms, put away the dirty dishes and empty the garbage cans!?!?!?!"

no more gray, nose loses an inch and cellulite is gone...

ahhh..now that would all be a neat trick....and i am talking about the kids cleaning their rooms, putting away the dishes and taking out the garbage...the stuff that would happen to me-for the right price..anything is possible.....

happy tuesday..and if anyone sees my boyfriend rick springfield, please tell him that i am SO SORRY for missing his birthday.....i am a terrible girlfriend.....

Monday, August 23, 2010

monday august 23, 2010

greetings from the heartland....

if you are what you eat and the clothes make the man....then what does it say about you if you have boats on your lawn or a flatbed trunk parked outside your front door? (and NOT on the driveway...i am taking right in front of your front door-like when the police go in through the back, you can just open the front door and jump in and drive away....oh, maybe that is why it is parked like that....) welcome to where i am now..columbia maryland. Yet, just down the road is this awesome mall with a nordstroms and everything-go figure.

i have been realizing lately that some of my blogs have had nothing to do with the fact that i am turning 40 in just 2+ months....so i would like to make this one about that. Everytime i am at my sisters house and use her guest bathroom with the awesome "gray hair" lighting mirror-there are more gray hairs. Depressing. especially because my sister, who is 6 years older than i am, is blonde and has no gray. How is that possible? Last night, we went to see the new jennifer aniston movie.....the movie is really really bad. dont pay to see it...but while i was sitting there with my sister, i kept making comments like "wow, she is wearing a lot of makeup" and "look how old her hands look" and "that jason bateman is so cute i wonder if i can get a new poster of him to hang next to the old poster i must have of him somewhere in my parents house...." cuting apart the women and only finding the good in the men. Jason looks old too...he is my age...if he looks old, do i look old? i dont think he will be making another terrible remake of teen wolf anytime in the near future.

and then, my sister pulled out her lesportsac with a big 1985 on it...."hey," I said "I think that's mine!!" she denies it, but i am pretty sure my mom got that for me one year before we went to the concord. She said that she has had to sew it up a couple of times but refuses to get rid of it. Plastic surgery on a lesportsac...that cant be a good sign....

happy monday

Saturday, August 21, 2010

saturday august 21,2010

blah blah blah

from this blog you have probably learned that aside from being cranky and crazy, i have little patience for people, babies, cute animals that you see in the middle of the road that you just want to run over, stupidity and really skinny people....that being said, i am also a people pleaser (ha ha ha) and this blog is for all the people who have made requests-yet, dont actually read the blog. go figure. how could you not read these literary masterpieces?(only 2 people made requests so dont worry about the length of this one...)

happy birthday to the girl/woman who was 41 on friday but, looks 21.(and those were her exact words...)

one day i am going to have a guest blogger-he doesn't know the topic, or when he is going to write it, but i invited him to be a guest.....he also told me that he is going to do the chai lifeline half marathon, like son #1 and I are doing....so, though he is a great guy, with lofty aspirations-i am not holding my breath on either of those points....(and to his wife who reads this, please dont stop speaking to me...i wrote those words with love :) )

speaking of people who have stopped speaking to me-the list is long and illustrious (dont think that word really fits here, but it is late and i am tired....) i was talking to someone today about how i could never live in a small community because once i alienated everyone, i wouldn't have anyone else to talk to. when you live in a bigger community, you can go from group to group, pissing people off and you still have so many more people that you can aggravate!! see, i can see the silver lining in any situation....

gotta finish packing...off to spend quality time with my sister and her kids, with son #2 and son #3....husband #1 will be home alone so that could end really badly....

will blog from the road....

happy saturday

Thursday, August 19, 2010

thursday august 19, 2010


tomorrow ari and i will be celebrating 15 fun filled years of marriage. it must be hard for other couples to look at us and see the love and devotion that emanates from our very pores...watching us hold hands in the horse and buggy that ari hires at least once a month to take us on a scenic moonlight ride around town...my new diamond earrings glistening off of the reflection of the hackensack river....coming home to a bedroom covered in rose petals and bon bons....oh, it is good to be us.....seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!

ari gets annoyed when i say that 15 years is a pretty good length of time-i haven't cheated on him, only hit him a few times, no one has ever called the police on us(thanks i&m)i have given it a good run. now what? in the first 15 years we had kids, bought a house, changed jobs, went on permanent maternity leave, which, unfortunately, is not as lucrative as permanent disability leave, alienated friends, made new ones, gone out to dinner a handful of times, saw a few shows, went on a couple of great vacations with and without the kids...now what?

I will tell you now what...."honey, those wrinkles were not there before-what's with that?" "oh dear, what did i do with my car keys/glasses/shopping list? can you please help me find them?" (written much more politely than actually said) "when did our kids become teenagers and why are they talking back to us?" "are you slouching more than you did before?" "should we get a doctor to look at that?" "should you be eating that-we do have to share a bathroom until the kids move out....."

love, romance, courtship-blah freakin blah. first 15 years-now we really know eachother, next 15-continue not to kill eachother for the sake of the children.....in the mean time-continue to repeat " i married my best friend, i married my best friend....no one else will have me with these stretch marks...i married my best friend...."

happy anniversary honey...does this count as a card?

Happy thursday

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

wednesday august 18, 2010

if they were girls.....

someone asked me the other day what road trips i would take if my three sons were my three daughters....and after driving through this great country of ours to follow america's favorite past-time(which would be baseball, not my favorite past time, which would be eating) i would have to say, the ganchrows would be going on outlet mall tours of the united states of america.

we have past many an outlet mall....and this is usually what happens...

me: Oh my gosh..look at all those great stores!! can we.....

and ari drives right past.

me: look at those name brands at discount prices...they have a chicos outlet can we.....

and ari drives right past it.

me: i have never seen that store before in an outlet maybe i can get some.....

and ari drives right past it.

He drives past it, because he can. Because the boys have the majority vote and no one, and i mean NO ONE, in our minivan is stopping so mom can waste precious baseball time looking at clothes, yuck, what are you-crazy?!! we dont care if mommy over does it on the frozen margaritas while sitting in a rainstorm singing rick sprinfield melodies, but there is no way we are stoppin' for shoppin'

welcome to my world....but let us flashback to the late 70's early 80's when the Latkin family road trips had the girl majority....my poor dad would have to sit in his car, with my brother(you would think that would be punishment enough...kidding, love my brother) while my mom and my sister (and me, poor chubby banji got shlepped along even though the only thing she was interested in while shopping was the great tasting fudge...certainly not the clothes...)would run around these various shopping centers until they closed and locked all of the doors and we couldn't find a way out. Now, keep in mind, this was before the cell phone-so my father would have no idea where we were or which door we were going to come out of while being escorted by the nice mall security guard...it was a sight. and it happened to many times to mention.

But none of that for the ganchrows....the only shopping i did on this trip was in myrtle beach when the boys were taken in by the sports shoppe and i got to sneak out to the cute jewelry store across the way...(because jewelry and pocketbooks always fit and truthfully, i didn't really need the tie-dyed "I love myrtle beach" t shirt-no matter how stylish....)

yup...that is my world...but i love it.

happy wednesday

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tuesday august 17, 2010

random thoughts....because aren't they all random?

son #1 thinks that i have a.d.d because in the middle of conversation about subject A, i start talking about subject Q. I usually do this because if i dont get the thought out of my head, chances are, I will forget it....ahh..the signs of aging. I will also start wearing really high heels soon because the gray is getting to overwhelming to keep pulling it out and i am still not ready to start coloring my hair (and, my kids cant face the humiliation of having two bald parents)so...how is that for random?

Son #2 is with my parents in niagra falls for a few days. I didn't hear from them all day yesterday, which, if you know my mom, is miraculous, but then, i started to worry....so i called this morning. Turns out, mom heard me say "she is calling again?!?!" when she called the last time, and decided to "punish" me and not call...anyway, turns out, the letter i sent with them giving them permission to take son #2 out of the country did not look official enough, so they questioned him for about 20 minutes....poor kid. now, my in laws are taking him to israel in a few weeks....how can i word that letter properly?!?! hmmmm....

Two years ago i bought husband #1 a dvd player....on sunday, he tried to con my brother into helping him hook it up and then my brother pointed out to us that the xbox we have is also a dvd player.....so now, the dvd player is back in its box...waiting to be hooked up to another tv...poor thing...hope he is comfortable in there.

Last night i took a class at THE gym called latin cardio funk-aka-white girls cant dance. i enjoyed it because the teacher has the cutest little tushie, the music is awesome, and, apparently, you CAN burn calories laughing. I explained to the teacher that i am missing the gene that would enable me to move my arms and my feet at the same time without falling....I am happy to report that they still haven't thrown me out because of my size and there are others just like me who go there...so far, so good.

that is all i got.

Happy Tuesday

Monday, August 16, 2010

monday august 16, 2010

a real scandal

drugs busts....child porn rings....russian spies living next door...pedophiles....internet scams....money laundering.....these guys have got nothing on the scandal that has been brewing in my community since i have been out of town.

it has come to my attention that four, that is right, FOUR backyard camps have been under investigation. someone, probably some bitter mom whose child was rejected from backyard camp for picking his nose too much, or pooping in his pants-that poor mom has channeled her feelings of anger and resentment into calling the authorities and busting up these innocent backyard camps. its a real shame. Instead of teaching little joey to keep his fingers out of his nose, instead of teaching him that you shouldn't show little girls your wee wee-no matter how impressive it is(and that is a life lesson in itself) this mom is teaching little joey to be a whistle-blower, a tattle tale....a neighbor that calls the town on you when you are doing construction....poor little joey-how will he ever learn right from wrong?

my heart goes out to the leaders of these camps...these women have the patience to love and teach other peoples children-through rain, hail and heat wave-these women are brave and responsible and have to spend hours getting mushed animal cracker and apple juice out of their carpeting-these women are role models to us all.

God bless them

happy monday

Friday, August 13, 2010

friday august 13, 2010..D-this one's for you!

ode to a friend on her 40th birthday.....

the concord hotel...known for its food, entertainment, secret and not so secret places to fool around and its general awesomeness is also the place where i met my friend Deva. The friendship was meant to be because we both had strange names and a love of food...among other things....she has been witness to the infamous hickey incident, many drunken nights(and, unfortunately, 1 drunken bar mitzva...), tears for boys and mean girls alike, she is responsible for me inviting ari to my graduation party, which got me into this whole mess in the first place and we have been a part of eachothers lives for over 25 years-through good and bad.

someone once tried to break us up, but we got through that as well...my family has had the privelege and pleasure of visiting dayton(and its various ritual baths) many times-though all on our way to baseball stadiums in the mid-west(of course....because that is what we do). and now that she and her family have moved to chicago...we will be moving in for a few days at the end of september.

Deva turned 40 today...one of the reasons why i always liked her is because even though she is SO MUCH older than i am, she never made me feel that way (ha ha ha ha) so dev...this blog is for you. You are awesome, you are adaptable and you are just an incredible friend to me and so many others around the globe. May god bless you and your family with all of the wonderful things that life has to offer....Happy Birthday!!!!!!

happy friday...and boy oh boy it is good to be back home!!!! shout out to my peeps in atlanta who made our stay there sooooo awesome.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

thursday august 12, 2010

quality time is quality time...even in the er....

last night was to be our last game of the ganchrow 2010 baseball road trip. the flying squirrels against the new hampshire warthogs(for the life of me i keep blocking out the correct name of the animal....) we get to the game an hour early in order to be one of the first 1000 fans to receive a bobble head of the team mascot-THE flying squirrel-it even comes with a detachable baseball bat. unfortunately, the baseball bat isn't full size and i wont be able to use it on ari's head in the future.

anyway...poor son #2 is running down the stairs to get autographs, he falls and bangs his collar bone into a seat. what happens after, i try to block out, but, you should all just know that i remained uncharacteristically calm and did not scream at anyone. i did not scream at the nurse who did not know where the closest hospital was, i did not scream at the manager who told me that he didn't have the authority to get my son a much needed drink, i did not scream at the nurse(same nurse) when she said "golly, i dont know why we dont have any tissues in here" and proceeded to give son #2 sand paper to wipe his nose....i did not scream.

thank god, after 2 + hours in the er and xrays, it is just bruised. i have a cd of the xray and will be showing it to our friend the radiologist when we come home tonight. son#2 has a lovely sling and it resulted in son #1 actually being nice to him and giving him a high five (huge deal for son #1....) Retreat Doctors Hospital took very good care of son #2 and the m&ms in the machine were only a dollar twenty five. oh, why did we need to eat at the hospital....because the flying freaking squirrels went into extra innings and husband #1 was still at the game(as opposed to husband #2 who is soooo close to becoming a reality...) He finally picked us up, took us back to the game and son #2 got to watch the first walk off home run in Flying Squirrels history.

a good time was had by all.....even me, because everyone was ok.

happy thursday.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wednesday, august 11,2010...i think

life on the road

i would like to start this blog by wishing son #3 a happy hebrew birthday...my baby is 10 today. most mom's like to reflect on the joy of bringing a new baby into the world, what a wonderful experience it was...adding to the family, adding to the population...i like to reflect on the fact that i am like 50 pounds less today than i was 10 years ago...and that i love son #3 to death...he cracks me up and never ceases to amaze me with what comes out of his mouth. enough about that.

one of the joys of driving 46 + hours through this great country of ours is looking at the beautiful landscape, the farms, the homes, the horses and cows, the rivers we drive over, the sunsets...but most of all...the signs...here are the top 10 signs of this road trip so far..and i am not making them up....

10. Strippers-10 miles ahead
9. pecans, pecans logs, boiled pecans and fire works
8. peaches, boiled p-nuts, and strippers
7. new homes for sale...hook em up and take em out
6. used homes for sale (oh my....)
5. fireworks and fire arms
4. hot hot hot girls gentlemans club next exit
3. save a cow, eat a chicken
2. walmart-next exit (and one every exit for 1500 miles...just in case you forgot your bag of feed at the last one...)
1. new york-500 miles (that is the one i am hoping to see tomorrow.....)

my boys are having a blast, i am starting to look my age(or maybe i have always looked this tired and was just in denial) and its time to get back to reality...3 weeks until school and 4 weeks until...oh my...you guessed it...the jewish new year....

happy wednesday

Sunday, August 8, 2010

sunday august 8, 2010

you have got to be kidding me.

this is my fifth summer that god has granted me the good health and reasonable amount of sanity to partake in these baseball road trips. there has been rain, there have been rain delays, there has been batting practice and tours of the stadium. there have been security guards that i have fought with over rules and regulations of what you can and cannot bring into a ball park and there have been security guards that, despite my not being blonde with perfect boobs, have let me bring in things that i shouldn't have been able to(i am not talking about drugs or guns...but bottles of soda and snacks....)there has been hair curling humidity(and for ari, hair growing humidity) and there has been perfect weather....today, though, we hit bottom. today confirmed for me that as part of my 40th birthday year long celebration i will be taking next year's road trip off.....today....we experienced our first official rain-out.

for those of you who dont know what a rain out is...its starts with you bringing your boys to the game two hours early so they can get autographs. it starts with the big gray cloud that hovers over the field...this gray cloud then begins to set off a rain shower that delays the start of the game...you know this, because the men in cute shorts come out and cover the infield....and then, an hour later, those same men take the tarp off of the infield. and then the gray cloud comes back (after two outs in the first inning) and it starts to pour. the tarp goes back on the infield and you dont care if the men are cute or not....

as the marlins stadium also doubles as a football field, you cant run up to the covered seats unless you have a club-ticket. if you are married to a ganchrow, you dont have this ticket and you have to sit near the concession stands with all of the common folk.....it is now 6 hours after you entered the stadium. it is still pouring. the boys are fighting....the parents are fighting....the mom is hungry(you can see where this is going.....)

rock bottom i tell you.....

off to myrtle beach to watch the exciting myrtle beach pelicans(and i am not joking about the name.....)

congratulations to all the mothers of new baby boys that were born this week while we were away...

happy sunday...tomorrow is a travel day....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

saturday august 7 2010

del boca vista

i have spent shabbos in an amphibious cemetary. it is so quiet in boynton beach, you can almost hear the blood flowing through your veins. for the last 3 years, my father in law has been telling me that this community is going to "take off"...take off and fly away perhaps? it is so dead here, which is kind've ironic, because most of the people here are, well, almost dead....(i know, not funny...) I would much prefer miami beach-where at least you have the boardwalk or even deerfield beach, where you have everyone and their great-grandmother...this place is just tooo quiet.

in order to avoid getting in trouble and pulling my hair out, i sought refuge in a good book and a long walk. I felt like i was back at the zoo...frogs, lizards, rabbits, interesting looking birds...it was quite the sight.

and tomorrow..it is off to the marlins game....

happy saturday

Friday, August 6, 2010

friday august 6 2010


last night we went to the tampa bay yankees vs the st lucie mets....it is times like that when you realize why you go on these trips, or why i go on these trips. because though i complain about the hours of driving, the amount of packing, food organizing, pulling my hair out....my boys(ari included) are so happy at these games. Last night, sons #1,2 and 3 all got along for a nail biting 12 inning game that lasted much much much longer than we ever anticipated. The lightning storm didnt phase them, the clothing drenching humidity didn't phase them, the lack of food or beverage didn't phase them....all they knew was that they were hanging out with baseball players that were paying attention to them and making them feel like they were part of the team.

now that is priceless.
the humor blog will come after i spend the weekend with my in laws.....

happy friday!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

thursday august 5 2010

keeps getting better...

for those of you who read yesterday's "surprise" entry...here is the end of the story...while princess banji exercised, showered for 20 minutes, relaxed and watched sitcoms and was asleep by 11.....the men's game went into extra innings, didn't end until 11:40, took them 25 minutes to find the car and then sat in traffic until 2 in the morning...so for all of you aethiests out there...there really is a god.

princess banji quickly turned back into cinderella at the rays game today....which,thankfully, was played in a domed stadium..but, alas, her luck has run out as we will soon be leaving for a minor league game (yankees vs mets) which is NOT in a domed stadium and the temperature is now a comfortable 105 degrees with 100 percent humidity...the hair is not looking too good. but to compensate for the hair, richard simmoms called ari this morning and told him that he wanted his shorts back....i can't even believe he thought he could pull those off without wearing lederhosen and clogs...oh my...

another things i noticed about florida..every driver has a handicapped sticker...and it is hotter after it rains cats, dogs and these funky looking bugs that are all over our windshield (locusts??/)

anyway....that is all for now....hope someone is reading this....

happy thursday

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wednesday august 4, 2010

will anyone read this?

i had said that i wouldn't be blogging until friday, but, a miracle occured. while driving 7 hours to tampa, the boys asked ari if we would make it in time for the rays game tonight. he said yes....and i said "this was not on my itinerary, may i please have the night off?" and, thank god, he agreed. so here i am, in the lobby of the fairfield inn and suites in tampa florida with 4 hours all to myself. I feel as if i have won the lottery.

you see, last night, while i was sitting in turner field, in atlanta, at 4:45 when the game doesn't start until 7, and it was 350 degrees outside and i was actually baking the kids cookies without using an oven, i was wondering what i was doing there. At 7:45 pm, when i had been at turner field for 5 hours, since we had taken a 3 pm tour, and it started raining and no one wanted to seek shelter and we sat in the rain for 30 minutes wearing our fashionable ponchos, i wondered, what was i doing there? after it stopped raining, we had to call ems because my poncho had formed a suction-like barrier and i was afraid that upon removing it, i would should straight up out of my seat like a bottle rocket.....i was wondering what i was doing there...

but then the boys all signed contracts that they wouldn't put me in a nursing home....and then i knew what i was doing there.....

going to enjoy some non-baseball related peace and quiet....ahhhhhh

happy wednesday.....

son #1 just called to tell me there is a partial power outage in the stadium and the game is going to be delayed...instead of responding "are you guys ok?" my first response was "oh no, are you coming back to the hotel???" fortunately, he said no...but, does that make me a bad mom?!?!?!?!?!?!