Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wednesday, march 3, 2010

old by any other name is still.....

This week on the today show (which I only saw because i was at the gym on an elliptical type torture machine)they have the casts from "classic" television shows. The cast from Eight is Enough was on. Oy vey...poor Dick Van Patten had no idea what was going on , and Betty Buckley, who was sitting next to him, had to keep poking the poor guy so he wouldn't fall asleep. Some of the women who played the sisters either had so much botox that their faces didn't move, or no botox, and you had no idea who they were....classic equals OLD. (Though, the cast from 227 was on today...and they looked fine! The housekeeper from the Jeffersons, whose name totally escapes me now, looks unbelievable!! I need to find out who their plastic surgeons I guess how old you look depends on who you use..)

Vintage. I was in the drug store this week flipping through a magazine-I like to keep up with what the young folks are reading and wearing. I learned that sack-style dresses are out, which made me sad, because now that I am past having babies, I finally thought I could get away with a sack-style dress and not have everyone think I was pregnant BUT, the magazine said they were OUT and I, for one, am always fashionably IN...(as I sit here blogging in my TBO sweatshirt...)

So I happened across a photo spread of Rachel Bilson (I have no idea who that is, or what show she is on...) and she was spotted wearing a VINTAGE green pocketbook with like, 4 different outfits-the same pocketbook..OMG, I had that pocketbook in 1979...huh, vintage, who knew that was back in style...vintage equals old.

But vintage and classic or so much nicer than saying..."man, you are getting old." "man you are sooo classic," or "man, you are totally vintage.." is so the way I am going now, because I am vintage. If you wore something the first time around and it is back in style again, forget about not being able to wear it, but take pride in the fact that you, yourself, must be back in style..

So, as i S L O W L Y approach 40, which is so vintage, classic and frankly, depressing, I will have a new positive outlook on the whole situation. I will keep a big smile on my face and age gracefully, but the day that someone doesn't recognize me because I have become so classic (old, follow along) is the day that I take up drinking full time (instead of the part time job it occupies now....)

Happy Wednesday

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