Thursday, March 11, 2010

thursday march 11,2010

becoming a martyr.....

Tomorrow I am flying, without my family, on a small plane to Dayton. Now, I am so excited about going to Dayton and celebrating with my close friends at their son's bar mitzva, but i am less than excited about flying. It isn't my favorite thing to do. When i am up in the air, i sometimes think that god can just look down at one of the planes and say "i don't like that one" and POOF..that's the end of that. i know that i shouldn't think that way, god is kind and merciful..etc etc, but during a rough patch of turbulence, not much else runs through my brain.

So if, god forbid, today is my last full day on earth, i decided to write a "grateful" blog....just in case it is my last blog and millions (ha ha) of people will be reading it after they hear that i have died...(sorry mom, i am biting my tongue...)

On more than one occasion, i have told people that i am going to die young, because when you die young, people remember you as being good and kind...not sarcastic and vindictive-truthfully, i want people to remember me as someone who made them laugh (or at least made them laugh by just looking at me...)

I am grateful for my bread machine, which is currently making challah for the the people who are feeding my family on friday night and saturday...(those people also know that i am making it for them because it is the only thing that Jack will eat at their houses...)

I am grateful for the extra room i have in my kitchen so I can bring up my passover items three weeks early so i won't have to yell and scream at my boys for not helping me...(boys includes ari..)

I am grateful that my husband was smart enough to know that the 2 ounce shot glasses i bought for the seder are to small for the required amount of wine needed and now i get to go back to the christmas tree shop and return them......(read that one any way you would like....)

I am grateful that i haven't had a housekeeper in almost 2 years and i got to iron 20 pairs of pants and 10 shirts so that if i do die tomorrow, i know my boys will have things to wear for the next few weeks that aren't wrinkled.....

I am grateful for my vacuum cleaner that allowed me to vacuum all of the crumbs, dust and dirt so that when ari comes home from work he will be happy that the house is in order.....(i guess you could read that one any way you would like as well...)

I am grateful that when i bought cans of diet doctor brown(kosher for passover) at stop n shop today, the price scanned incorrectly and i got one for free (in addition to the free boxes of matzo and the 5 dollars off my shopping order of 40 dollars or more....what a good day!)

and finally, I am especially grateful that i was granted permission to go away by myself this weekend and celebrate with my friends-Deva and I have been through a lot together and i still can't believe we are old enough to be making bar mitzvas!!!! .....I am also grateful that this weekend in Dayton won't be ending with 5 baseball games!! (baseball road trips...saving that one for another blog)

and for all of my readers out there-thank you for reading and if this is my last blog, i hope it made you smile at least once.

Happy Thursday, Happy Friday, Happy Saturday and hopefully, I will be back to wish you all a Happy Sunday!

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