Saturday, March 6, 2010

saturday night, march 6,2010

wouldn't it be nice...

wouldn't it be so nice if i could blog about the stuff you all really wanted to read? the good, juicy gossip...who is doing what to who? who is going where and when? blah blah blah....can't do it. I really, really want to...but I can't, and I apologize. I wish i could, but the backlash would be to great. But don't think I am not tempted. That being said....(dont get excited, this is another blog about getting old...)

Tonight i was hanging with my kids...only two are home, Jonah went to his first bar mitzva this weekend. I can't even believe it. He came downstairs, looking all handsome in his suit before he was being picked up before shabbos and I said "wait, I have to take a picture" "no you don't" he replied "yeah, I do, i took a picture of Jack before he went to his first bar mitzva" "no you didn't, you probably don't even remember whose bar mitzva he was going to."

Yes, that is true, I don't remember. Because I am pushing 40 and I don't remember lots of things. So Jack, Matthew and I were having a talk about boys and girls and they asked me when I broke up with my high school boyfriend and I said "march 1987" that was only a week or two ago...
Jack said "mom, that was 23 years ago." What???? 23 YEARS AGO?!?!?!?!?! holy crap-when did that happen? Man that went by fast...23 years. I am old enough to have had things happen to me 23 years ago that I actually remember. Do we need milk? I have no idea...only opened the refrigerator 15 minutes ago, but 23 years ago, I remember. Why is that?

I have ari looking for the anniversary present that my parents got us, but he doesn't remember my giving it to (i am pretty sure i did) and neither of us have any idea what happened to it (gift certificate to deli kasbah-anyone know where it is?) If we are so forgetful now...what is to become of us? Will we get lost at the mall? will we forget we are at the mall? the future is not looking pretty.

So for now I will remember that I had a really nice weekend with really great friends, my kids informed me that I am too critical so I have to change that (which I will probably forget to do-what a surprise), and Ari and I are going to buy him some new shirts because he keeps ripping his old ones (no, i have not been ripping them off of him ...) hopefully we will make it back in one piece.

Happy Saturday....

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