Monday, March 22, 2010

monday, march 22, 2010 happy 40th Ari

the art of procrastination....

my brother is the subject of a documentary called is about fantasy baseball...i made the mistake of watching it today, 7 days before passover, when I have 11 rooms to clean, 3 chickens to cook, 25 cakes to bake, 2 roasts to roast, a kitchen to reconfigure, candy to find in the couches and a partridge in a pear tree. Anyway, apparently, insanity runs in our family because if you all think I am crazy, this movie proves my adorable younger brother is at a totally different level of crazy...if you are into fantasy baseball at all, catch this film at, or friend FANTASYLAND on facebook, and it links you to the movie. it was actually quite entertaining and...I AM IN IT!!! there is my plug for the film...i will be available for autographs anytime...

I failed to mention in yesterday's blog about the very best part of going shopping in monsey...some of the stores have their own mikva-so you can take your newly bought items and dunk, of course, you all know where my mind went...can you imagine....won't go into details, but just think about the large bottomed woman who pushed me yesterday-get that visual in your head and THEN go get a snack...i dare you :)

today ari is 40 years old....i remember when my mom turned 40 and the surprise party we had for her (well, the surprise part was ruined by yours truly-hard to believe, i know...) I was showing matthew pictures from the party last week, when we were living in fair lawn with no tv and were running out of activies that didn't involve the ganchrow boys killing eachother...and upon looking at them he said "wow, mama was a lot thinner than you..." yes, she was....but i was a real looker in my peach dress with matching peach ribbons in my pigtails and my orthopedist recommended shoes!! (i was almost 10 at the soiree..)

ari, unfortunately, is not getting a surprise party...too close to pesach..too many people who would be insulted(and though I love insulting, it would make ari sad) we are, the big 4-0
and all he got was Jack waking up at 5:45 this morning to give him 40 kisses and 1 for good luck...but isn't that the best present of all?

so happy birthday ari dov and happy monday to everyone else.....

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