Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tuesday, march 2, 2010

it's a boy.....

For all of you reading this who have girls, this is not to be taken personally.....

I woke up to wonderful news this morning. Good friends of ours(and yes, we have some) had their fifth boy last night. Baby is healthy, mom is healthy, dad is excited about having his own hockey line, the brothers are excited not to have to introduce any pink into the house....everyone is thrilled. And I am sure the mom is thrilled too....but, as someone who only has boys, who thought this friend was for-sure having a girl....man...after 4 boys, she deserved a girl!! But what does that mean? deserved a girl....I gave my mom (and continue to do so) a really hard time, I mean a really, really, really hard time growing up-did she deserve that? (questionable...just kidding mom :) )

When you only have boys, people are always quick to say"oh, maybe the next one will be a girl.." why? why would we want the next one to be a girl? Maybe she will be bitchy and obnoxious and be the girl that is mean to other girls...maybe she will be the girl that just can't get it together and is made fun of by the mean girls....maybe she will be the girl who has the really big nose, or the really big tush....why can't my boys be good enough?? huh? WHY WHY WHY?????

Is is a guarantee that my daughter won't put me in a nursing home? NO
Is it a guarantee that my daughter will love me and not inherit my mood disorder? NO
Is it a guarantee that my daughter will be beautiful and thin and fashionable? NO NO NO NO

There is one woman, who everytime she sees me says "you know what comes after 3 boys?"
and I say "2 miscarriages" I know, that is just terrible, but she can't really hear that well anymore and I don't think she can understand what I am saying. Ari, on the other hand, does here me and resists the urge to punch me...as he often does....what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man....

I went to a class on in laws last week, and I learned that a wife needs permission from her husband to take care of her parents. Could you believe that? who knew? I have to ask Ari, if it is ok, to not make him dinner, so I can go take care of my parents,if, GOD forbid, they need me.

Now, the husband(get ready feminists, this will not make you happy...)does not need the wife's permission to take care of his parents...in fact, I will get extra bonus points, if I help too (stop laughing, this is all really true....ask rebbetzin samet)

I happen to think that no one knows about these "laws" and even though I know them now, I am still not taking it as a guarantee that all my sons will leave nearby...or even close enough to fly to.....but even if I had a daughter, would things be all that different? I know daughters who are closer to their husband's family than they are to their own, I know daughters that can't stand their mothers....there are always exceptions....and that is all ok.

Boys love their moms because they are never in competition with them. And we love our boys because they don't expect anything from us.....except for our love and devotion. It is almost the perfect relationship, until we, GOD willing, hand them over to their wives and apologize that they don't know how to do anything themselves....(and I will take full responsibility for that)

So to my friends, congratulations....we are so excited for you...there is nothing like living in a phallic wonderland....may they all grow up to be good men, good husbands, good fathers, happy and healthy and may you have the continued good health and tuition to enjoy them all!

Happy Tuesday

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