Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tuesday march 9, 2010

random thoughts....

should i be worried that my boys are logging onto a site called Streak for Cash? is there streaking involved? i have no idea what that is about....

should i be worried that they are digging up an oil tank from my dead neighbors property when some guys said they were digging it up a couple of months ago? should i be outside looking for uncovered bodies? treasure? what are they really digging? WHO BOUGHT THE PROPERTY??who knows.....just what i need, more neighbors....

went to a really nice bat mitvza last night. was it only really nice because I like the people who made it?(and they don't even read my blog) we started thinking about jonah's bar mitzva and i am ready to cut cut cut, but ari is opposed-why is that? is it truly because he is a better person than I am, or is he just afraid of hurting people's feelings? (wait, that is the same thing, i think that DOES make him a better person than I am....but no newsflash there...)

In the bat mitzva's girl's speech she said that we should not be judgemental of others.....does that mean I have to walk around with no thoughts in my head at all? ever? are there really people who aren't judgemental? hmmmm

are the muffins at lazy bean really diet? do they become less diet when i put butter on them?

Why do people like the taste of coffee when the taste of chocolate is so much better?

Am i asking all of these questions because I am trying to put off cooking and freezing for passover? what do you think?

short, sweet and to the point.

Happy Tuesday! 3 DAYS UNTIL DAYTON!!!!!!!

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