Monday, March 8, 2010

monday, march 8, 2010


how does one prove their love to their friends Is it A.candy or is it C. getting dressed, leaving the kids with a babysitter at 5 0'clock on a sunday afternoon in the midst of hockey, basketball and homework that should have been done three days earlier and spending the next 4 hours at a dinner?

If you chose C, then you are correct! Now, there is something very nice about bar, yummy food, socializing with people that you don't always see(and don't always like) showing the guests of honor that you care enough to spend the money(which sometimes goes to a good cause...)and put an ad in a journal for that more permanent expression of love, devotion and pride "to our dear friends...." I am still waiting for someone to write "to our annoying neighbors who guilted us into coming..." "to the man who none of us really like, but we had to come because you are really rich and we want to impress you..." "to the woman who always ignores us, but all of our friends were coming so how could we say no...."

those are the ads I really want to see-tell it like it is people!! None of this other bs "you are pillars of the community..." blah blah blah-tell it to the judge after you are indicted.

So last night, ari and i went to a chabad dinner for dear friends of ours (they actually really are...and they are reading this, so i wouldn't write it if it wasn't true-love you guys!! kisses!!) Chabad. It is an amazing organization. they do incredible things....the rabbi of our local chabad even donated a kidney-so organ transplants are one of the things they advertise! I was happy to see a picture of the rebbe...though, i was secretly hoping he would make an appearance...though some of the guys there were so stoned, they probably DID see the rebbe...not that there is anything wrong with that. All of the women looked really nice in 40 different versions of the basic black dress (no, I was wasn't one of them..surprise, surprise)there were a few screaming babies..nothing wrong with that either, especially because I did not have to take care of them....and a good time was had by all.

we made it home in time to put the kids to sleep (that's a lie...i was asleep before they were) and watch the oscars (that is a lie too....i just saw my big girl monique win-you go girl!!! and then i fell asleep) and all in all it was a lovely evening and we loved celebrating with our friends....but after all of the chabad talk-do we want moshiach now?

discuss amongst yourselves....

Happy Monday!

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