Thursday, April 1, 2010

thursday, april 1, 2010

april fools.....

passover questions you don't ask at the seder....

if i leave the leftover charoset in my refrigerator until the holiday is over, will it actually turn into mortar?

if my kids only eat dixie cups for 8 days, is that considered healthy?

how much matzo does it take to clog a toilet?

why do jews travel in packs and invade every park/zoo/ferry on chol hamoed?

why do food companies sell things labeled "couscous" and "farfel" when they should be labeled "little round balls of matza" and "broken pieces of matza?"

how much cream cheese on matza is too much?

why are the previously mentioned dixie cups 8 dollars for 12 during passover, but only 2 dollars for 12 during the rest of the year?

how come cereal and flour are always on sale during the week of passover?

why does my husband think that ice isn't kosher for passover when water is?

why is is that my kids know that the cabinets with ribbons on them are for passover use, but their father doesn't?

why do jews ask so many annoying questions?

happy thursday....

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