Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm Back

Hope you have all been enjoying your summer. It hasn't been easy. The one thing I really hate about being a grown up is that when grown up things are happening in the world, I realize that I have children to protect. So how am I doing that? well, I am sending one to Israel on monday! totally get a medal for that. Thousands of kids have gone before him(well, not me, because my mom was afraid I would run off and marry an israeli...well, mom, after being married 19 years to husband #1, what are ya thinking about that plan now?) and thousands of kids will go after him and God Willing, it will all be fine.
We got a letter from his school today describing the steps they are taking to make sure everyone is safe. They are imposing a 12 am curfew during the week and a 1 am curfew on the weekends and all i could think was, "wait, I was sending my son to a school that didn't have a curfew?"  Hmm. apparently I have been totally clueless.All i heard at the meeting with the parents was a bunch of stuff about not letting my kid use my home in Israel for parties. Um, can my child still go here if i don't actually own a home in israel?
In any event, I was cuckoo about all this before any of this war stuff started. I am not an israel person. I have only been there a few times, I have no relatives there and the relatives that will go visit while my son is there probably won't even call him..and that is OK!
Honestly, and don't take this the wrong way, I really don't want son #1 coming home with long curly payes. I really really don't. Let him learn until he is blue in face, let him come home and tell me that I am doing every single thing wrong(because I probably am) just don't let his sideburns become curly queues...something about that just freaks me out.
Kid, have a safe year, come home treating me just a wee bit more respectfully or I will not be doing any of your laundry ever again.

Happy Wednesday