Thursday, March 18, 2010

thursday, march 18, 2010

day 5 under that godam pink canopy.....

I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday that I showed up at the gym for spin class in jeans. Why would i do something so ridiculous? well, being the selfless person that I am, i remembered to pack clothes for everyone else, except myself. 3 people actually asked me if I was at the gym for a tour....."No," i replied "I am just homeless." Had i been more on my game, i would have responded "It's st patricks day and I am drunk-i thought these were sweatpants..."
oh, well..will save that line for another time. 5. the boys shared a room again without fighting because i took jonah's i pod away and told him that the only way he will get it back is if he didn't give me any trouble going to sleep OR waking up. He was true to his word and was totally perfect...we got in the car this morning to go to school-no yelling, everyone calm and i said "isn't this nice-not starting the day with a headache-everyone getting along..." and he responded "this is not my family-i don't know whose family this is, but is is not mine....i NEED the yelling." so much for a peaceful start to the day....

day 5-i have become laura ingalls.....braids, prairie skirts and all...lugging my bucket to and from the pit, saving the prairie-pa is going to be so grateful that i am keeping the water in check...keeping it below the flooding..saving the chickens and the cows from a fate worse than slaughter....i am betting that i am one of the few women in my community who has emptied over 500 gallons of water from their sump pump...and I am proud-I am even considering getting a tattoo and buying a harley.

day 5-rumors are swirling-no power til sunday, no power til next week, no power until midnight tonight. I saw a bunch a PSE&G guys picking their noses while watching two guys in a bucket truck working on some wires and asked if i will get my power back today...i got the thumbs up, but he also could have been flicking whatever he was picking at yet another annoying woman asking him yet another annoying question....(ok, that was a gross visual...but i have regressed to an 8 year old, give me a break)

day 5-going to pick up the boys from school....will continue to pray for power (and good health and blah blah blah) cleaned my house today, changed the linens and set my table-all positive and hopeful(which, as you know, is so not like me) will all be good.

Happy Thursday

ps if you hear a really loud scream at 12:01 is probably me, still in the dark :)

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