Friday, May 23, 2014

Rock Bottom

Hi folks..hope you have all been well.  Wanted to share a little story with you. I have finally hit rock bottom. I have finally experienced the turning point where I realize that I have to make a change.  I have to start fresh. I have to go into treatment.  While lying in the chair at my favorite endodontist's office yesterday, he began to start preparing me for root canal. For those of you who have never had root canal, the first thing they do is put a little rain coat around the tooth that they are going to be working on.  Dr. Lewis began putting the rain coat on my tooth and that is when it happened. My tooth was too fat for the coat. He needed to a get a bigger size. Even my teeth have a weight problem. I warned Dr. Lewis that it was blog worthy, his confirming that, even medically, I have a big mouth.

Yup, so since I can only eat soft food for the next few days, I went to meet my friend's Ben & Jerry, because, in order to help with all of the obesity in this country they have developed a new line of ice cream. Yes, my skinny friends, I know that I shouldn't buy it, but one side is sweet cream flavored, the other side is vanilla flavored with pieces of blondies and the middle, the entire middle, is a stripe of caramel goodness. There is another flavor where one side is chocolate, the other side is rasberry with itty bitty chocolate pieces and the middle is a stripe of a rasberry jelly goodness (which I am counting as a serving of fruit.). And it was on sale.

Yup, gotta keep my mouth proportioned with the rest of me.

Happy Friday!