Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wednesday, march 17, 2010

the troops are getting restless....(and no rest....)

I have 6 minutes to write this blog. then i have to spend 10 minutes getting the boys out of bed, have them all yell at me about how tired they are, get them to school and get to the gym so i can watch tv and maybe even take a spinning class. then i have to go back to the house because the water is still rising and i have to bail out the basement, find some more clean clothes because the laundry is piling up and then decide if i should go to monsey to buy more food for passover(yes, passover is STILL coming, power or not)and then figure out where i am going to put the food since...well, i still have no power.

life is tough. didn't wake up under the frilly pink canopy because the boys needed to be separated last night....i screamed so loud I thought i would need my tonsils removed. it's not pretty kids....mommy is headed for the psych ward. i think they know that i am nearer to the edge than i was before. I hope they remember my behavior from last night and be kind to me today.

the biggest loser challenge from yesterday has made my legs charley horse and now i am walking around like the hunch back of notre dame...(or is is damn? where the hell is my power???)

my time is up....i must go, sorry this won't make anyone's top 10 for most amusing blog...will try to make up for it tomorrw

Happy godam wednesday.....

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