Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday september24, 2011

And the old get older..and hotter...and I don't mean the good kind of hotter...

Tonight was date night with son #1. we went to the mall. He needed pants. He has a 26 inch waist...maybe smaller. He doesn't take after me(no, really? I wasn't even born with a waist that small..) so off to abercrombie we went, where skinny son tried on skinny pants, of course this was after the 17 year old salesperson looked at me and remarked "these slims are for you? What are you on crack? We have nothing in this store that would fit you...except maybe the socks.." ok, I exaggerated that conversation, but my version was funnier. Actually, the reality was skinny son shouting to fat mom over the music that was so loud that my brain is still vibrating inside my head and my hearing is worse than when I entered the store. I also was in the middle of a wicked hot flash and kept asking everyone if it was hot in the store, but no one could hear me because the music was so loud. Then skinny son came bursting out of the dressing room with the skinny pants too big around the waist(shocking) and he went on a quest for a belt. I suggested we try getting a belt at syms(yes, I am married to a man from monsey, thanks for asking) and skinny son looked at me with that "you can't wear pants from abercrombie with a belt from syms....duh..."

I hear ya kid, but the last time your father spent that much money on a belt, I think it was for something going into his ya wanna give your dad a heart attack or something?!?!?! We didn't get the belt. So hopefully, husband #1 will be around for many years to come. We also didn't get the pants because I had ordered them my question is, can you wear a belt from syms with pants from a&f that you ordered on line? I will be wearing my favorite suit from value city over the holidays(15 dollars, I kid you not, of course I think it's made out of Teflon and I can turn the jacket into a frying pan after I wear it...) hopefully, this riveting tale will end with skinny son having pants that fit him and if we have to spring for the belt, well, he is such a good kid and really doesn't eat that much, we will get him the belt.

Here's wishing all of you a waist size that makes you happy and a year filled with good health, happiness and only wonderful things.

Happy Saturday(technically, it's now Sunday...)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday september 18,2011

What to do..what to do..

So it seems I haven't written anything in a while...and it hasn't been for lack of subject matter. School started, the 10th anniversary of September 11th, a new baby Jonah blessed this world, good things, bad things..hakuna matata-the circle of life..blah blah blah. Every day is filled with things that make us angry, make us laugh, make us cry....hopefully each day has more smiles than frowns(though with all the hunger among us, frowns seems to be prevalent..but I digress)

And in just a few weeks, the Jewish new year is upon us. When we seek forgiveness, look forward to a new start and pray that we aren't struck down by lightning, or worse, in the coming year. My feeling has always been that I am who I am and you always know where you stand with me. Biting my tongue has never been a forte of mine, especially since I like to eat so much and without a tongue, well, eating is pretty much out of the question. We all need to be accountable for the things we say and do. That is just life. But what I am finding is that despite how difficult I am, god has blessed me with these amazing kids who continue to teach me and try desperately to help make me a better person. And when they realize that that might never happen, they let me have a piece of chocolate. Some of us are crazy, some of us are strict, some of us are over protective, but we all do what we think is best and only time will tell if we did something right.

Funnier blog to follow....

Happy sunday

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday,september 6, 2011

Here we go again.....

The summer is over. The back packs are packed. Lunches are in the fridge. I'm going to sleep before 10 pm. How the hell am I getting son #2 out of bed to catch the bus at 7:25. It's not fair. I know some of you have to wake up for earlier buses, for younger kids, for frisky spouses, but I don't and I'm not happy about this early wake up thing. He sleeps like a log. I have to wake him 4-5 times and he doesn't even remember the first 3-4!!! This year is not going to be pretty....,

As for school supplies....I officially protest the 12 dozen sharpened pencils, post its, scissors and glue sticks. No more. As for pens, I borrowed enough from the classy hotels we stayed in on our road trip to fulfill 1/3 of the required amounts...if they need more, get em from the kids whose parents donate extra money to the school...I'm tapped out, dude!

And speaking of our road trip-baseball trip #6 was awesome. No bed bugs, grilled cheese maker rocked, kids got autographs and more baseballs(cause we can never have too many know I had to say it...) and even though the Yankees beat the red sox, fenway is my new favorite stadium, replacing pnc park in Pittsburgh(what is she talking about?!) boys got along 95% of the time, husband #1 and I got along 85% of the time and the weather was stunning. Our basement is almost stench free(god bless my friend Sarah for marrying Daniel...he's totally awesome) and the kids start school tomorrow. Now if only this rain would stop....

Good luck to all starting a new adventure in learning tomorrow...better you than me!

Happy tuesday