Thursday, July 1, 2010

thursday july 1, 2010....4 months to go....

culture shmulture...whats with the boobs?

i am hoping that since camp has started, there wont be any young ones reading the blog....if there are...there might be some inappropriate content...please be advised...

the summer of banji began yesterday at approximately 9:05 am, when even though the camp buses were still in the lot....ari and i got the hell out of dodge before anyone changed their minds..and off to the city we went. i was dropped off at the metropolitan museum of art and i practically skipped up the stairs with a big smile on my heard me...there was feet practically floated off of the healthy snacks in my bag and off i went to explore art.

there is currently a picasso exhibit going on and, at the same time, an american woman's fashion exhibit. so on one end of the museum, you have picasso drawing these big breasted women(granted, the boobs are square or rectangular)and then in the fashion exhibit they show costumes that not even the skinny minnies could fit
into. Then there is the painter Rubens..he loves the large all of their glory. I have a feeling that mr. rubens and i would have been great friends. back to picasso for a minute...i learned that he had a great affection for women of ill repute, that being said, there is a beautiful painting of a woman doing ill reputed things to her customer...was hoping to get a post card in the gift shop of that particular drawing-but, alas, would you believe that didn't sell that one?!?!

then there was the modern art....a shark, a real shark but dead, floating in a tank...totally cool and then up on the roof these brothers are builing an exhibit called "big bamboo"....a scultpure made totally out of bamboo that people can climb up 20-40 feet about the roof of the museum. looking at it...i was thinking it was a bad idea and i was waiting for the whole thing to crash down, but hey...whatever floats your boat, that is what makes art, see in in what you want. I chose to see the portraits of the big naked ladies as my friends...and picasso as a horny old man.....if you get a chance to go the museum this summer, you might see something altogether different...and that is what makes the world go round.

happy thursday

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