Thursday, July 22, 2010

thursday, july 22 2010

this one is serious...

at 12 this morning ari and i were discussing all of the things i could write about today. many of them,surprisingly, involved making others laugh at his expense (well, if you wouldnt give me so much material, darling....) but i decided to go another way....

last night, after a mishap at clubhouse cafe (the mishap being that they ran out of 1/2 the things on the menu and this big girl was tasting her dipped roast beef sandwhich which they didnt have either so i pulled poor hungry ari out of there....)we were walking towards times square and heard singing and chanting...when we got closer, we saw that it was closed off and saw a sea of blue shirts dancing and jumping up and down. being the hip folks that we are, we had to go see what was going on. Camp simcha (which is chai life line's camp for kids with terminal illness') was having New York day for its kids...first they went to a show and now they were putting on a show for all of new york to see....i get chills thinking about it. every kid was smiling and participating to the best of their ability...every counselor was demonstrating such warmth and was incredible.

as some of you know, for son #1's bar mitzva he wanted to participate in the chai lifeline half marathon...i even blogged about the experience (archives jan 30-feb 1, approximately) and this year we are doing the marathon again. I even saw the little boy whose picture i walked with..and then i just cried....

after seeing this display that one just cant put into words, i realized why i am doing it....even though i complain (who me?) about the fundraising and the fact that i couldnt walk for two days....this is why i raise all the these kids can have a "normal" summer experience, so their parents can get a much needed and well deserved break, so these kids can have the time of their lives....

and it doesnt hurt to get hit in the head by god to make you realize how lucky you are and how you shouldn't take things for granted.

happy happy thursday

to sponsor Jack and myself in the marathon, please go to click on sponsor and enter ganchrow for the last name. if you dont want to sponsor us, you can make a general donation
(no goods or fees or services were received for this posting...this will be my only attempt to solicit all of you....but your donations are much appreciated....)

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