Thursday, July 8, 2010

thursday july 8, 2010

i tried

i am happy to report that i lasted an entire week without wanting to kill my spouse without the kids home. which just proves to me that when we get frustrated with the person we married and the kids are not home, it has nothing to do with the kids but with the person we married. i am a joy to live with. i am always in a good mood, i always wear makeup and am perfectly put together, i always smell like vanilla and lilacs, i always have a hot meal waiting on the table for my family, i am always available with a witty, non insulting comment...but that's just me. i also know how to problem solve and get things done without pacing the room, scratching my head and wondering where or where did i go wrong??

i think day 8 of the summer of banji started to go downhill when i let ari choose the restaurant and he chose one that i didn't like, one that wasn't even on the radar. why is it that husbands tell you they are sick of chicken and meat, but then want to go to a meat restaurant...oh, maybe it's because they are sick of the chicken and meat that WE make them...ok, now i get it. when i go out to dinner, i want to eat something that i would never make at home. i want to eat something that jillian michaels will tell me is killing me, destroying my heart, clogging my arteries, making me an obesity statistic-then i know i am eating something really good. i can make chicken and rice and mashed potatoes....i cannot make rich, creamy, gastrointestinal distressing-but-oh-so-good food.....and that isn't even what i was in the mood to eat for dinner yesterday...i would have been thrilled with sushi or a tuna melt...but, whatever....that was just the tip of the iceberg...and lord knows you people dont really care what i was in the mood to eat last night...

i havent written a food-is-love blog in a while...but, it remains true...i will never look at a devil dog and call it a moron because it never lets me down....the cream filling is always there and it always makes me smile. i will never drink an orange coolata and tell it that it is so stupid that it should leave the house and figure out how to get it's son his glasses...because it is always refreshing and might make for a hard time fitting into a pair of pants, or a dress for your son's bar mitzva, but it is always there for listens to knows what you want even when you don't....

time for breakfast.....

happy thursday

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