Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wednesday june 30, 2010

and here we are....

we live in a community where 5 kids are the new 4, 4 kids are the new 3, 3 kids are the new 2 and 2 kids are the new "only child..." so when i talk about my 3 boys, i know that it isn't like having 12 kids, but still, 3 kids to me might be like 12 kids to someone who has an infinitely greater amount of patience than i have...along with the fertility that i do not have.....(or has no vocal chords and can scream all day with no one ever hearing them)

anyway, point is, i had these 3 amazing, beautiful boys in less than 4 years and when i nursed these kids till my udder ran dry....when i was up every night for almost 5 years with them....when i changed enough diapers that would soak up the bp oil spill(see, i do know what is going on in the world)....when i thought i would never get rid of the double stroller or breast pump(ugg, totally dehumanizing..but oh so effective) a million years i never thought the day would come when.....yes, they would all be leaving for sleepaway camp.

dont get me wrong...i will miss them....i will be nauseous at the bus stop(and not because number 4 is on the way...that wont be happening).....i will talk about them....but, i know, god willing, they are coming home in 4 weeks. Now, when they get married...that will be another story entirely.

enjoy your summers people!!!!

Happy Happy Happy Wednedsay

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