Monday, July 26, 2010

monday july 26, 2010

what makes me happy...

though some of you may think this is a short list due to my cynical, sarcastic nature, i am only making it short for the interest of time....and now i will begin.

what makes me happy
by, banji D. latkin ganchrow

1. sitting in central park admiring the beauty of nature(and some hot guys jogging...)
2. eating perfectly created onion rings....
3. watching skinny minnies sneak in some extra cookies to their pocketbooks when they think no one is looking.
4. having my boys be happy to see me on visiting day and then dont start fighting for almost 42 minutes into visiting day....(world record?)
5. the look on their faces when they see a new baseball stadium (and i have already had a few drinks....)
6. watching all of the jappy moms on visiting day who decided, that even though major thunderstorms were predicted, they are still wearing their ultra-hip and pricey flip floppy shoes, getting these shoes all muddy and disgusting.....too bad, so sad....
7. seeing some of these previously mentioned moms wearing shorts that are so high you can see their undypants...i dont care if they can pull it off, it still makes me happy to see how idiotic they look.(what would have made me even happier was if ari would let me tell them that their undypants were showing...but, alas, he did not....and that is why i married him...and i guess he liked the undypants....)
8. having my boys laugh and get along with each other....
9. saturday afternoon naps and walks with friends
10. having all of my boys in sleepaway camp......but all good things must come to an end....

happy monday

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