Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tuesday, july 20, 2010

i can be serious

As today, in the Jewish calendar, is one of the most serious days of the year, i will try to keep this post serious. I joined the gym today.(THE gym, thanks to my friend who gave me the gift of membership, where the only clause is that i have to pretend that i dont know who she is while i am there....so if you see someone wearing one of those pairs of glasses that has the nose and mustauche attached to it, that would be me...but dont tell anyone. )

I seriously almost hyperventilated as i entered the air conditioned, skinny walls of the establishment, filled out the forms, got the key card(where the nice lady showed me how to scan it when i come in, clearly feeding into my fears that she thinks i have never been to a gym before...even if i haven't been, i know how to use the scanner thing-self check out at the supermarket and CLEARLY i have been to a supermarket before....) so i will seriously get myself started there on thursday.

there is only one week left to the summer of banji. after my beautiful boys come home next wednesday, it will be a laundry marathon and then in the car we go on sunday to begin the fifth annual ganchrow family baseball trip. i have bought blue ice to put in my cooler, i will soon be faking an injury so i can get some narcotics (kidding mw, just kidding...) and off we will go. In all seriousness, these trips are great....we get to bond with eachother and make memories that will last a lifetime, or until the boys get married and their wives convince them that the trips were just ways for us to brain wash them into thinking that we really are good parents, but in reality, we really sucked...so i guess i will just enjoy them for now...

hope you all have an easy fast and a day filled with reflection on how we can A. become better people or B. think of new ways to alienate friends and neighbors....you choose!

Happy Tuesday

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