Thursday, July 15, 2010

thursday july 15 2010

who knew...

space...the final go where no man has gone before...blah blah blah. yesterday, banji dawn latkin-ganchrow went to the american girl doll store. a store she thought she would never go into until she became a grandmother...a store she only heard about from friends' daughters and her niece...and yet, there she was. (and was actually surprised that the security guard didn't come over and say "maam, clearly you dont belong here...the NBA store is just around the corner.....")

i gotta is quite a racket they have got going there. you can have your doll get a mani-pedi(whatever that is)they can have their hair done (another thing i dont do) they have matching outfits for not only the dolls, but for your entire family..and they also have dolls and accessories for every type of dolls, asian dolls, skinny dolls, fat dolls, dolls that come with braces, bulimic dolls that come with their own toilet bowl..i mean they do not discriminate...if you have a little girl who is chubby with pimples and low self esteem-there is a doll there for her! i have never seen anything like it in my life. though i only lasted in the store long enough to see my sister and my certainly was an experience...seeing all of these young girls, holding their dolls, enter the store with their moms with that look on their faces...that look of awe and wonder and excitement...i have seen that look before....where?...on my boys faces every time we go to a new baseball stadium....the exact same each his own...

happy thursday

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