Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tuesday july 28 2010

closing ceremonies for the summer of banji

if you are sick of reading about the summer of banji....dont you worry, because it is over in exactly 25 hours. and dont be jealous because in the next 72 hours i have to pack for 12 days on the road, figure out how to use my new cooler, find my kosher for passover toaster oven(why do i have a toaster that is kosher for passover??) so we can feed the kids pizza bagels in tampa(which they will complain about and probably not eat anyway), pack snacks and drinks for the kids, and for ari, go to the supermarket at least 4 times, do 10 more loads of laundry when the trunks come home...when are the trunks coming home? and, just to make the kids feel like they are still in camp, i am thinking of throwing urine all over the toilets and the bathroom floor so the smell they are used to from the last 4 weeks will stay with them and maybe they will behave as well at home as they do in camp...yuck yuck yuck.....

as for my last 25 hours....walking, walking and more walking...picking up my car(all ready for the road trip-yippee!!), last minute errands...the way i am carrying on you would think my kids are coming home as infants again-OF COURSE I CAN DO ERRANDS WHEN THEY COME HOME!!!! what is wrong with me? will i remember how to be a good mother?(was i a good mother before they left?) will i remember how to make wacky mac? will i magically turn back into the screaming moody tyrant that i was when they left?? (and when did i turn into a sweet, smiling princess who hums show tunes all day? oh right, the day they left for camp...)

it will all be good and the way it should be. i have had a taste a freedom....and man did it taste good.....now, it's back to reality, clean slate....lets see how long i can go without yelling at anyone....tune in tomorrow....

happy tuesday

btw..my last meal was at fish of the c's and man were those onion rings awesome...i might never go to deli kasbah again!!!!!

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