Wednesday, July 7, 2010

wednesday july 7, 2010

tennis anyone?

i have always told my kids that before you go somewhere that you have never been before, just don't think about it. if you have no expectations, you can't be too disappointed, but you can also be pleasantly surprised(guess that applies to life, as well.) so before i left for their school's golf/tennis/eating festival outing, i had no expectations. i wanted to spend the day playing tennis with my friends and even though it had the potential to be a dreary, continous eye-rolling, what-the-hell-am-i-doing-here day, it turned out to be an absolutely terrific day and i might even consider going again next year...(miracles do happen)

raising kids in this neighborhood means praying that your children not only like sports, but are half decent participants in the game. between hockey and soccer and basketball and baseball, you hope that your kids can play a good game or at least talk a good game. now for the parents, the moms in particular, we never really have the opportunity to discuss our athletic prowess. you wont see the moms playing basketball (or baseball or soccer or hockey)none of us sit around discussing what position we played on our high school's basketball team(i was on the volley ball team...dont ask) but the game of tennis always comes up. now, my mom had me taking tennis lessons at a young age. i even had a racquet that had a "b" on it (for billie jean king, not banji..) i would go to the fair lawn racquet club in my cute little tennis outfits(as i said, i was at a young age...dont be scared for the others who were around me, but thanks for the vote of confidence)
and play for hours...when we went to the concord and grossingers, tennis was always part of the schedule. i even remember the tennis underwear that had pockets in them so you had a place to keep your balls( little did i know that after having three boys, i would develop those all on my own-sorry, had to get that one in there....)

point is...there are lots of women in my community who play tennis...some like to talk trash "when are you playing with us...scared you aren't as good?" well, after yesterday, when i havent laughed so hard in quite some time, i realized that, though not as good as the person who drove me(who tried really hard not to totally demolish me and make me feel even more inadequate than i usually do)i am not as bad as i would have thought. because, to me, there is nothing funnier than watching a skinny minnie actually miss the ball when it is hit right to her...(i am referring to many skinny minnies, not one in particular so dont try to figure out who it is ....) it is good to know that even though they have more will power than i do, they can fit into a smaller size than i can, they just can't play tennis(please let me have this moment...i know it is more important to have will's my blog and my fantasy world that i am living in....)

so day 7 of the summer of banji was a really good day. i laughed with good friends, i ate good food, i sweated like i have never sweated before in my life, but it was a great. here is wishing that all back to you....(well, except for the sweating part..)

happy wednesday

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