Monday, July 19, 2010

monday july 19 2010

take me out to the ball game.....

so in attempt to get revenge on me for making him climb a mountain and gaze lovingly at polar bears and penguins, ari's activitiy pick for our last sunday alone until next summer was the yankee game. he even made sure the temperature was going to be in the 90's just so we had the full effect of summer in the, as some of you know, i am no stranger to baseball games. in fact, out baseball trip this summer is jam-packed with 7 games in 12 days(and 31+ hours of driving)so games dont scare me...

did you ever notice that when the home team players come up to bat, they display their age, height and weight? back in olden days, i would not have noticed this..but now, since every player is younger than i am, i am just happy to hope that i weigh less than they do...(i am happy to report that i weigh less than every yankee that played yesterday....thank god)

anyway, yankee games have a special place in banji and ari ganchrow's courtship history. our first "date" was to a yankee game. we took the subway there(should have know then....uggg) and i wore white shorts.(it was the 90's..)apparently we had a wonderful time.....still madly in love a year later i was at a double header yankee game a week or so before the wedding.....apparently there was a lot of gazing into each others eyes and hand holding....talking about our futures..the in love we were...blah blah forward 15 years and the scene at this yankee game was a little different. "please dont touch me...its 100 degrees..." "honey, where are the other water bottles, this one isn't fully defrosted" "uh, moron, look in the bag=would that be too much for you since i have been carrying them??" "stop leaning on me its 100 degrees" "is the game almost over?" "why do you keep texting people, cant you just talk to me?" "the kids have been gone for almost 3 weeks, havent we talked enough?" "can we leave yet?"

no hand cooing....i managed to escape for 40 minutes to find ice cream(and he called me to see where i was....isn't that just adorable?!?!)....i felt like the afternoon was one big hot flash..even with the fan i brought that sprays water....but, it was a very pleasant day. and even though our relationship has gone the way of an old married couple, it only felt like it had been 16 years since our first date as we limped back to the car and glanced in the mirror....

happy monday

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