Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wednesday july 14, 2010

oh boy....its been a great day

sorry for blogging so late in the day. i have spent the last 4 1/2 hours watching old tv shows at the museum of tv and radio. my butt(which still hurts from tennis yesterday)was literally molded to the chair by the time i was ready to leave. We started with the love i miss that show...then we dabbled with some facts of life, one day at a time (had to see valerie bertenelli after reading her very compelling and life changing autobiography...i learned she made out with rick springfield, so now i like her even more...) silver spoons, taxi, family ties and different strokes-as i needed to pay my proper respects to gary coleman, god rest his soul.

what did i learn....i learned that bonnie franklin, the mom from one day at a time and ricky schroder, in silver spoons had the same exact hair cut. i wanted to find out if the same hair dresser worked on both shows, but was not privy to the information. i noticed that alex p keaton wore a calculator watch-when oh when did those go out of style? and those facts of life girls....did they realize that mrs garrett was drunk the whole time? that was some good tv...

but this is what i would like to of the episodes of one day at a time was about ann romano(bonnie's tv name) celebrating her 36th birthday...and how depressed she was about it. this episode aired in 1977, when i thought 36 was close to 100, and my mom was 38..which, as you all know, is younger than i am now. when i turned 36, i became a woman 35 and over...well, i became the over-no longer was a number assigned to me, just a warning about certain side effects for various medications advertised on tv. so poor ann is going on about being 36 and having to date (thank god i dont have to subject anyone to that anymore, just poor ari) and how her girls were almost totally independant (if they made the show about a single mom and two sons she wouldn't have that problem....the opposite problem, perhaps....) so the whole episode was both funny and ironic, especially since i have this ridiculous blog going on about how i am almost 40.....what can you do.

tomorrow i will be blogging about the american girl doll store....that one should be a doozy.

happy wednedsay

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