Monday, July 12, 2010

monday july 12,2010


i believe is was three summers ago when son#1 decided he wanted to play goalie. while he was already in camp. 2 1/2 hours away. "mom, could you please send me goalie pads and a blocker." of course, my precious angel, whatever you want. and off to the store i difficult could it be? "mom, the pads are too big and i am a lefty and the blocker is for a righty" the equipment magically reappears at my door step. of course, my precious angel, i will exchange them and magically get them back to you. "mom, the pads are too small" and they magically appeared once again, on my door step, along with the giant bruise on my forehead from banging my head against the wall....

last night, after spending an almost lovely day with son#1's father(shlepped the poor guy to the central park zoo-but those polar bears are so darn adorable and who can resist a penguin-now i know what i look like when i try walking when i get out of bed in the morning...)anyway, the texts started coming fast and furious "mom i want a 12 pack of mini gatorade" "mom i want vienna fingers" "mom i want double stuff oreos..." and then, the piece de resistance....the text to beat out all other texts...the text that will remain in infamy "mom can you get me a mini fridge?" huh? are you kidding? i still have the mini fridge that i used in college, but that is kindve heavy(and old, yes, i know it is least it isn't obsolete...yet...) i entertain the text for a moment...what kind of minifridge, my precious angel?(while his father is growling in the background "just say no to him why cant you say no?" clearly coming from someone who didn't nurse their kids....neanderthal..)

"mom, its really small, it only holds two or three can ship it to me fedex in a flat rate box." a flat rate box? this coming from a kid who thinks the laundry room is the landing on the basement stairs...this coming from a kid who doesn't know what a toaster is....a flat rate box? i would love to know who fed him that line, probably the same kid who has a minifridge in camp(not that there is anything wrong with that.) so there i was, torn between the child i love and adore more than my own life "please mom, please with a cherry on top" and my husband, whom i will eventually be stuck with when the boys all move to japan with their wives "just say no, he can have one next summer when it wont cost three thousand dollars to ship to camp!!" WHATS A WOMAN TO DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

so i googled mini fridge...the options weren't pretty. i tried son#1, i really tried...i put you before your father(nothing new there...but thats another story) but i couldnt find what you wanted. my heart is breaking...they had a minnesota vikings mini fridge, a team i know son#1 adores, he would love it, but i have already sold so much blood to pay for camp that it just wouldnt be possible to cough up enough to pay for the minifridge....please forgive me....please come visit me in the nursing home....please send me mothers day cards and remember my birthday...please please please.....

mini fridge, in camp...really? be happy you're getting the oreos kid....

happy monday...only 16 days left of the summer of banji......

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