Thursday, July 29, 2010

thursday july 29, 2010

and....they're back

i would like to apologize for not blogging yesterday. i was reacclimating to motherhood. i am happy to report that the boys have been home for almost 24 hours and i haven't screamed once. dont get me wrong...when i was outside in the heat and humidity emptying all of the crap out of their trunks and checking for anyway stow-a-way rodents and no one was offering to help....i wanted to scream...but, i went to my happy place....and i took a deep breath and a valium and remained calm. and then i very calmly opened the door and said, in my indoor voice "oh boys, could you come and take these laundry bags down to the laundry room please."

can you believe it? one month with no one home, one month of rejuvination, and i was able to delegate and THEY ACTUALLY CAME AND HELPED!!! chanukah miracle comes early this year.....lets see what the next 24 hours brings...

gotta go do laundry....

happy thursday

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