Monday, July 5, 2010

monday july 5, 2010 just couldnt wait til tues

she'll be coming down the mountain when she comes.....

people often talk about "bucket lists"...the lists of things they want to do before they die...seeing the great wall of china, meeting a president...i dont really have a list like that (unless you include what i would like to do after meeting rick springfield on the great wall of china...but that's another story) anyway, climbing bear mountain was never on my bucket list, it was just something i really wanted to do because, in theory, it sounded like fun. (it also sounded better than after being asked what we were doing july 4th weekend without the kids home, saying "sitting on the couch staring at each other..."

without the kids with us, the first thing ari and i thought when we started climbing bear mountain was "thank god the kids aren't here..who would start complaining first?" i have to say, i was really proud of the two of us...athletes we're wont be seeing us on the cover of Mountain Climbers monthly anytime soon(though, after we were done, there was a photographer there from aarp magazine, but even they passed....) but as we were climbing up the rock stairs...and climbing...and climbing...i realized that the only way off of the mountain was to go back down said stairs. i am afraid of heights and afraid of stairs..HUGE fear of mine..not climbing up the stairs but walking down stairs. it could have something to do with the time that while chasing after my parents to say goodbye before they went out one night when i was little, i fell down a flight of wasn't pretty(though after complaining to my mother that my foot hurt, and her not believing me, i had broken it....whatever)

so the vision in my head was as follows...i refuse to walk back down the 3 million stairs. ari has to send a smoke signal to get help because we have no freakin cell reception with at& arrives, takes one look at me and says "would it be ok if we just rolled her down?" ari is not embarrassed by the fact that the 20 pound back pack is still on my back and he still has not offered to carry it(the only true part of this scenario)..... i got my head out of this fantasy gone awry and started down the steps...talking to myself as i went down. and i made it. thank god because the thought of being stuck up there was not pretty...though, on the way up, i was waiting for allison sweeney from the biggest loser to tell me i was winning the challenge and if i made it to the top first, i could win 10,000 dollars or immunity for my team!!

so bear mountain is officially crossed off the non-bucket list, and as soon as i get feeling back in my legs....i am ready to continue the summer of Banji....though i would like to thank ari for coming with me...this was not on any list he has ever written, EVER....hope you all had a great weekend!

happy monday

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