Friday, July 16, 2010

friday july 16 2010

its official....i am white trash.....(no offense to those of you who already are white trash....its still better than being a white supremist....)

for the last four summers, the ganchrow family has taken baseball road trips. this began when banji realized she was never having a girl and that the boys had finally out-grown sesame place(even though i am soooo thin there...) and what a great way to see the country and go to games since the whole family likes baseball(different teams, but the same sport...cant win them all)

the metamorphisis into white trash has been started three summers ago when we discovered that packing in garbage bags was so much more convenient than shlepping proper became a bit more obvious when after entering our hotel room and discovering a sock on the floor that no one seemed phased by, even when i pointed out it wasn't our sock...(perhaps motel 6 shouldn't leave the light on so you cant see previous tenants dirty laundry in the room)..and then there was the acquiring of the fuzzy dice for the rearview mirror...a tell tale sign that the person driving the van is wearing too-tight cut off jean shorts and a def leppard t shirt...but the final straw...the final induction into the hall of fame was today.

ari and i figured out that there are going to be a bunch of days when we are going to have to buy lunch and dinner in the morning....we wondered how we were going to keep the food from spoiling...(though, if any of you know my boys eating preferences...dunkaroos probably never go bad....) and then it hit me...we...need.....a.....cooler. this is going to kill my mother. she didn't raise me in florence eisman dresses with matching ribbons in my hair to travel the country with a cooler in tow. i am sorry mom...its either that, or we are all getting salmonella poisoning....

and off to campor i went, where the helpful staff helped me pick out a cooler and explained to me that the cooler only works if you put ice in it (who knew??) the lovely lady at the cash register then wrote out a detailed description of what my husband should get to put in the cooler (ha ha ha) and now the ganchrow family is the proud owner of a cooler that holds, according the stoned guy who helped "lots and lots of beer..." (guess that would make me real white trash....maybe i am not there just yet...)

and so there you have a cooler...tomorrow a snake tattoo....anything is possible.

happy friday!!!!!!!!!!!

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