Tuesday, July 6, 2010

tuesday july 6 2010

no problem

for most of us "good natured" folk, people pleasers, middle children always seeking that never attainable acceptance, individuals with low self esteem...you know the type i am talking about...we are always the first to say "no problem."

"can you pick me up and take me to the mall because there wont be any parking and i really need to pick something up and i know you hate shopping so you can just wait in the car for me?"

"no problem."

"the refrigerator door is making a funny noise...can you take care of that for me?"

"no problem"

"all of the light bulbs in the bathroom are out and i know how much you hate cleaning the pee from the floor when i miss the toilet because i can't see...could you get new ones and change them?"

"no problem."

so when sons #1,2 and 3 were getting ready to leave for camp...they all left me with things to do while they were gone....

"could you recharge my ipod and keep checking on it to make sure it is ok?"
no problem
"could you organize my baseball cards alphabetically and according to batting average ranging from lowest to highest factoring in their likelihood of making the hall of fame?"
no problem
"could you please hang up these banners in the basement...if you can't get to all of them, I have left them in piles ranging from the most important to the least important...now mom, please do the most important ones first and if you have time, do the second pile and if you have more time, do the third pile."
no problem.

the not so funny thing is that the third request is ACTUALLY TRUE!! and i have a pile of mini-banners...dont know if they are nba, mlb, nhl, nfl , cia or fbi, sitting here, in three piles, that i agreed to nail into the walls of our basement. did he leave me nails for this task? no. did he bring down the hammer from his room?no (dont ask why the hammer is in his room...i have no good answer...and you wont be able to find the bruises)

so part of the summer of banji will be taking a trip to the home depot, or as i like to call it "the scariest place on earth" (besides the apple store) to purchase nails to hang up the banners.... because when it comes to my kids...of course it's no problem....(it's only a problem when we dont do what they ask us to do.....and after all of the "no problems" my boys will still all move to countries far far away......but at least i tried....)

happy tuesday

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