Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tuesday july 13 2010 happy birthday mom

who's next??

i would like to begin this blog by giving a shout out to the grandmother of three who whooped my fat ass in tennis today. the reason why she beat me is because she runs after and hits every ball, instead of waiting to see if the ball is out or not. I take the other approach and wait to see if the ball is out or not and if it isn't out, make a desperate, albeit humorous, attempt
at running after the ball...apparently, more unsuccessfully than not. but a good time was had by all, at least it was had by me....final score-6-0, 6-1,6-0. better luck next time....

onto today's topic....when my beloved grandmother passed away in 1983, Ethel Merman died a few weeks after she did. though i was heartbroken when my mamma died, i got some comfort in knowing that ethel was joining her up in heaven because my grandmother was a huge fan. so this past week, when the highlight of the news was the passing of "the voice of god" (really?) bob shephard...the yankees announcer...when i turned on the news today and saw that george steinbrenner died, i thought-well at least now they have eachother (though after the interview with yogi berra...i am kind've hedging my bets on who's next....with all due respect to the berra family, though i am pretty sure that none of them read this...)

last night at my parents house, my dad was watching the golden girls. "what episode is it?" who cares, they are all in the golden house with a lanai, in the sky..except for dear, dear betty. years after joyous occasions, it becomes depressing to watch the videos (dvd's for those of us who have working dvd players...hint hint...)because they have become a who's who of who's dead...so very sad.

so let us all enjoy each day, whether we get beaten by old ladies in tennis(kidding! you totally rocked your tennis/golf outfit and you know who you are...) or taking our mother's beading for their birthdays...i, for one, am not ready to keep mr steinbrenner company...especially because i hate the yankees....

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