Friday, July 9, 2010

friday july 9 2010

more random thoughts and other stupidity....

last night i had an out-of-body experience. i was sitting at the kitchen table, the tv was on, and i was anxiously awaiting lebron james decision's for next season. I felt myself float above my physical self(which is no easy feat after eating pasta AND white chocolate mousse cake at my most favorite)looked down at me sitting at the table, waiting for the announcement, re-merged with my physical self and said "what the freak am i doing? i dont even watch basketball, i didn't even know who lebron james was before my kids told me he might be playing for the knicks...hell, i have to go to the bathroom, can we get someone to ask me if i think it is going to be a number 1 or a number 2? i am sure there are people on pins and needles waiting to hear about that as well!!!"

what has become of us people? this is news???? who cares?? i mean, i guess it is better than something bad happening, but who really cares? what brought me to that kitchen table anxiously awaiting the words that were to leave this man's mouth? who knows...perhaps it was because i was so tired from walking all over nyc that i was just too lazy to walk upstairs....

lets discuss the museum of natural history....i was excited about seeing lizards and snakes...i felt a kinship with the boa constrictor...big, fat and lazy...only moves when it needs to eat...i could have stared at that thing all day long. but i was wondering why i had to pay 12 extra dollars to see 10 lizards and 5 snakes...but it was interesting. as for the rest of the museum, you know you are getting older when you feel the museum isnt air conditioned well enough, unless i was just having a hot flash...and there were too many annoying children running all over the place-doesn't anyone have parents anymore?!?!?!?! and while im some parts of the museum i felt like i was in the basement of the concord hotel with all of the wood paneling and bad carpeting...i think it is time they made a museum about this museum....was not cultural event will be the guggenheim next week.

i know you will be waiting to hear all about it.....

happy friday

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