Monday, June 28, 2010

monday june 28, 2010

yet another you know you are getting older when....

duran duran was hot in the 80's. smoking hot. my favorite was always john taylor. he was the hottest of the hot,(and is now married to the owner of juicy couture-go figure..80's icon married to 21 century style icon...brings it all together..and i bet he would look really good in a pair of juicy sweatpants...) anyway, yesterday, ari and i took son #1 and son#3 to see karate kid(will get to that in a minute) and we are watching a preview for some animated movie, for kids, about wolves. the theme song to this movie is Hungry Like a Wolf....oh my...I am now old enough that an anthem from my adolescence, a song that brings images of scantily clad, heavily eye-makeup made up women on a yacht with simon lebon, is now the theme song for a childrens movie.

do you think that simon(lead singer of duran duran for those of you who have no idea what i am talking about) is in a nursing home somewhere,drinking a chocolate flavored Ensure, reminiscing about the good old days when his songs got him women who threw their underwear at him and now, those women are changing the diapers of the kids going to the movie that has his song as its theme? oy vey...dont feel bad for simon. the ratio of women to men at these homes is pretty high, so the guy is still getting lucky.

back to the karate kid. i gotta admit, i really liked this one. I think i liked it better than the original...i was thinking that ari and i should watch the original on our dvd player while the kids are in camp, but then i remembered that our dvd player is still in the box...oh well...guess we will save that one for our road trip. anyway, what i enjoyed watching most was when the girl and boy kiss-i turned to look at son #3 and he was mouthing the word YUCK and covering his was pretty funny. the movie was entertaining and i am sure that will and jada are very proud of their very adorable and flexible son. but there i was, taking my kids to a remake of a movie that i saw when i was only a little older than they are now....and there was no banarama music in the sound track(80's band...again, for those of you who have no idea what i am talking you know how ari feels most of the time...)

so everything old is new again...and that is the way it should be. though i am still hoping and praying that someone brings back the love boat....

happy monday...hope it's the start of a great week!

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