Monday, June 7, 2010

monday june 7 2010

bring back the choice card........

when making a wedding or some other form of joyous occasion, the hosts of the affair really want to please their guests. whether it be with a 20 person orchestra, open bar with all of the trimmings, placing you at a table with people that you actually like, not guests that you have to introduce yourself to and then can't really hear their names when they respond because of the previously mentioned 20 piece orchestra(and spending the rest of the evening pretending that you can hear where they are from or what they do or how they know the people you are no longer speaking to for sitting you with these folks...) point is, the hosts always try to do their best.

that being said, though some people have proposed to "tone down" these joyous occasions(spend less money, make more simple events...ha ha ha how can i impress anyone with money i really dont have unless i go totally over the top, silly rabbit(80's commercial reference..), forget about that, i say, we bring back the main course option response cards.(of course, this is going to have to do with food). Now, one might think this is tacky...Please Choose Chicken, fish, Filet mignon...etc. No, i am suggesting we bring these back because some hosts, with all of the best intentions I am sure, like to serve really fancy, really expensive dinners....I, personally, i am not a fan of any "select" dishes that have a disney character named after them...for example ...I will not be eating Donald Duck as an appetizer (or Daffy duck, for that matter...) I will not be eating Mary had a little lamb chop...or the cute little baby cow that is screaming in its crate....that just isn't me...if you are reading this, and you aren't bothered by these things...more power to you. just not my may eat and enjoy, you may bring my main dish home with you..whatever makes you happy.

Here is what i propose for the main course option card....
1.chicken with bread stuffing
2.teriyaki salmon with bread stuffing
3.some form of cooked meat with some form of carbohydrate
4.plate of steamed brocolli
5. cocoa puffs and milk
6.pint of ice cream...all flavors available
7.package of stella doro swiss fudge cookies.
8.plate with nothing on it because i don't eat in public(or in private which is why i can fit into this dress and you can't.)-not talking about myself, OBVIOUSLY, this is a choice on the card...
9.really fancy dinner that we pick out for you

that pretty much covers it. I think those options will make everyone happy. the caterer will know before hand what to bring so there will be no waste, the hosts will end up saving money...everyone will have a smile on their face(well those people who smile...the ones who dont, nothing will ever make them happy....)

if only all aspects of life could be as simple as this.....

Happy Monday

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