Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tuesday june 15, 2010

my mind is blank so this is what you are getting today...

i was reflecting on my years in elementary school and realized that i don't think my kids know what an encyclopedia is...they know what a wikipedia is, but they will never know the joys of world book or britannica(is that what the other one was called?)...those big heavy books that you had to keep in alphabetical order or your older sister wouldn't let you use them, even if you had a big report due the next day....or when you had a project for hebrew and you needed the encyclopedia judaica, which are still prominently displayed in my parents bookshelf in the basement(along with 8 zillion other books...)those were even heavier...do they have a wikipedia judaica? and how was wikipedia created? was someone payed to copy the entire encyclopedia onto the computer? there must have been some updating because i don't remember paris hilton or justin beiber being in world book(heck, they werent even born when world book came out....)
the joys the children of today are missing out on.....

on another note, yesterday we celebrated a friend's birthday by having a "latin cardio funk" exercise class...it was really great, but i wanted to take a moment to reflect on Omar, the instructor. This adorable black man with tiniest little tushie gave this awesome class. I kept waiting for his pants to fall down because i wasn't sure what was holding them up. The man had moves...it was like taking an aerobics class on speed-he was leaping and jumping and twirling and sashaying and we were a bunch of white chicks trying to keep up...even the skinny minnies were having some trouble(which, of course, made me feel better...). white men can't jump...and white girls cannot move their hips in quite the same way that omar could...but it was still lots of fun and we probably burned more calories laughing that dancing...and felt more 40 than 20 because at 20, things moved differently, at almost 40, they don't work quite as well...

here is hoping your day is filled with both laughing and dancing..

happy tuesday

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