Wednesday, June 9, 2010

wednesday june 9, 2010


there are many things in life that makes us weepy...sickness, death, war, day school tuition, democrats...after my neighbor's house exploded and he passed away, i was weepy all the time. for months and months after. everything made me weepy....because when you think about it, there is so much to weep about.

son #1 is graduating from elementary school on sunday. i am weepy in anticipation of how weepy i am going to be. it was just yesterday that he and his friend shlomo were on that little yellow school bus taking them to kindergarten for the first day(i was weepy then too). i just keep thinking that if those 9 years flew fast are 4 years of high school going to go by?

i remember my years of school, looking at the clock during class(hard to believe that i wasn't studious) thinking how L O N G a 45 minute period the clock never seemed to move. and now, everytime i turn around, it is monday again and again and again. the whole thing just boggles my mind.

i want to congratulate son #1 and all of his friends on their upcoming graduation. i want to wish them all good health and happiness, success in their learning and success in their lives...may you only weep for good things and never sad things...and may you all continue on the path that leads to you to fulfillment and peace of mind.

that's all i got today...need another tissue...

happy wednesday

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