Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wednesday june 2, 2010

wont you be my neighbor?

i have been living in this community for over 12 years. we moved in when son#1 was a little over a year old and son #2 was a few weeks old. our neighbors on one side were an elderly couple and our neighbor on the other side was an elderly woman who had been living in her house since "the houses across the street were farm land." her story was actually kind of sad. she had been engaged to a man who died in battle, she was pretty old, so i was never sure which battle-battle of the bulge? civil war? i was afraid to ask...then she ended up living with her mom(never a good thing) and then she ended up living with a bunch of cats and a smelly little dog who used to poop on my lawn. Sad thing about this neighbor, is she once pooped in another neighors car, thinking she was going into a bathroom and sitting on a toilet. (funny and sad, all at the same time.) we knew it was time for her to stop driving when she would park her car on our lawn instead of on her driveway....

as for the neighbors on the other side, well, my kids got to watch the mom get carried out on a stretcher on thanksgiving day(she was dead, but lived into her 90's) then, they got to hear about the father dying(missed that stretcher...) and then, the explosion of 08. not a good day. but then we were down a neighbor....gained new ones(who we really really like.....and not just because they read the blog...) also gained new neighbors where the old lady lived....who have really funny kids....we especially enjoying watching them saturday afternoon, on the trampoline where they enjoy making their baby sister fly in the air and start crying....amusing for us, not so fun for her...but it does make a long day go by pretty quickly....

and then the land next door to us was bought. no one knew who bought it. statistically, i was not going to like whomever was going to be moving in.....but when we heard who it was, i was genuinely thrilled...really great people, really great kids....we are really looking forward to the day they move in...which will hopefully be sometime in the near future. and yesterday, it all became real for me because i got a piece of their mail-which i thought was kind've funny because there hasn't been a house on the property for almost 2 years....i guess i will be getting a lot of their mail (which is ok, because as i said, i really like the people moving in...)

so it has been an experience living where i live....hope your neighborly experiences are pleasant as well....

happy wednesday

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