Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tuesday june 29 2010

ode to a fast day...

for those of you who dont know, today is a fast day. it isn't one of the top 2 fast days, but a fast day none the less. i use this particular fast day as proof to myself that if i was marooned on an island, or deserted on the top of mountain, or stranded in a forest, or stuck in a minivan on the van wyck expressway, that i would be able to survive for at least 1 whole day without food or water.

for the skinny minnies who fast today, it really is just like any other day when they don't eat anything.....how do they distinguish today from other days? are there special dispensations for those people who normally dont eat? special prayers that have to say so god knows that they realize it is a fast day and not just an ordinary day? who knows....but for me, i will be strong and i will make it until the fast is over. because i have will power for 3 days a year. and today, i can feel like one of the skinny minnies...if only for a short time and if i dont look in the mirror.

today also represents the t minus 1 day until the three boys in the family room leave for camp and stop driving eachother crazy. and driving me crazy. i am hoping that they are being particularly antagonistic because it is their way of showing me that they are going to miss me and they dont want me to forget them while they are gone..so by throwing things and breaking picture frames, they are leaving an indelible mark on the house and everytime i see the damage they have done, i will smile and think fondly of them.....or not.

all i know is that, god willing, this time tomorrow, i will be in impressionism room of the metropolitan museum of art with a big smile on my face.....

happy tuesday....

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