Saturday, June 19, 2010

sunday june 20, 2010

happy freakin fathers day

for those of us fortunate to have had or have a father, today is a celebration of all they have done for us. in celebrating my father, i thank him for his never ending patience when i was growing up...for not selling me or giving me up for adoption...for not beating the crap out of me at least a million times when i am sure that is what he really wanted to do....for telling me that everything was going to be ok, even if he wasn't sure it was going to be ok..and for being a great role model, listener and cheering section. and even though he STILL doesn't read the blog, i love him a tremendous amount. I love him so much, that when i chose to marry ari, i actually thought i was marrying a man like my father. Unfortunately, it turned out, i had married a man who was more like my mother(though both my mother and ari will deny that) and now i am suffering the consequences...but that is for another blog.

today, my sons celebrate their father. the man who prays three times a day, who takes them on baseball road trips...who helps them with their hebrew homework....who goes to their games and occasionally plays ball with them when he knows that i am angry at him and he thinks i will find it adorable if he is outside playing with his kids instead of inside where i want to kill him....truth is, his boys love him and why shouldn't they...he rarely loses his temper(that is what i am here for) he rarely is the "bad parent" (that is what i am here for) and he always has a smile on his face(apparently, not what i am here for....)

though i will not be celebrating ari today. why? well, he left the pilot light on in an attempt to light a candle because he doesn't know how to light a match....then he left the house....when i came home, almost an hour later, the whole house smelled like gas because he didn't realize that he didn't turn the stove now it is 12:15 am(happy fathers day) and the pse&g guy just gave us the "all clear" and i can finally go to in conclusion i am happy that my kids love their father, faults and all...or maybe, they don't see his faults because they are turning into their father....uh oh....

happy sunday

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