Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wednesday, june 16, 2010

we are all gods creatures...even the losers....

remember feeling rejected? from a school...from a team...from a boyfriend/girlfriend? remember feeling like the biggest loser ever? the pimple that shows up at just the wrong time...the 10 pounds you will never lose no matter how much you eat?(that wasn't a type, by the way, but that is my problem..)...i am assuming that we have all had moments like that(or maybe, just me?) but yesterday, i came to the realization, that it isn't just the humans who can feel like losers....allow me to explain.

son #1 and i were supposed to go to the bronx zoo yesterday. no, it wasn't his idea, no, he didnt really want to go, yes, he knew he was going to be doing me the biggest favor ever because i LOVE the zoo...but in the end, we didnt go(reasons are for another discussion.)we did end up going to the van saun zoo...affectionately known now as "the crappy zoo." what we discovered yesterday, is that even animals can be losers amongst their own breeds. Let us take the sad looking buffalo, who have been at the crappy zoo since i was little. their fur is half off, they need assistance sitting down and then getting back up...i saw my future in front of my eyes. Clearly, they didn't pass the entrance exam for the Bronx here they are, stuck in paramus new jersey...hoping for some attention,continually getting letters from their parents about how "well" their cousins are doing up in the bronx, their self esteem down to the very puddle of mud they are stuck sitting in.

This zoo also tries to pull a fast one on it's guests. prominently displayed, in a cage, is the black crow. the black crow? those are prominently displayed on any roadkill filled highway in the this a magical crow? does it talk? does it dance? is it related to the famous cartoon crows from the 70's whose names i can no longer remember? i paid 6 dollars to see a crow? and are able to see squirrels in their natural habitat...are ya kidding me? squirrels? have you been to my backyard? i have a greater variety of animals to watch in the jungle next door to me....i did have a lovely conversation with a 300 year old cow who was eating lunch...he looked at me with his big brown eyes, almost as if to say "i could've been a contender...." poor guy..

so yes, there are losers all around us and it is our responsibility to find the beauty in all of them...whether it be an animal that didn't make it to the big times....or a friend whose dress is stuck in her underwear....let us all be more accepting of ourselves and others....amen.

happy wednesday

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