Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tuesday, june 8, 2010

what summer means to me....

the sun is out, the sky is blue, the clouds are white and puffy, my lawn is already turning brown...it must mean that summer is almost here..what was i thinking when i told ari that i didn't need inground sprinklers? if you come by my house early in the morning(early for me being 7, not 5:30..) it is a battle between me and my oscilatting sprinkler...centering it just right to hit everthing it needs to(which usually means me, my neighbors car, my car, the roof, assorted jungle animals that are still living next door.....)but when it goes back and forth just perfectly, i feel a little more at peace with nature.

summer also means, and it pains me to say this, the beginning of reruns...because i watch an over-abundance of tv(due to my deprived childhood of only being able to sneak in a few minutes of watching the love boat on the 4 inch black and white tv in the kitchen....) and because of the miracle, and i say that from the bottom of my heart, the sheer miracle of DVR...i am always caught up on all of my shows. and now they are over...(some were even canceled, but that is another story..all i need is ONE MORE EPISODE of mercy..can't they just make one more?please? anybody?)

the only options now are reality shows on the learning channel. i don't care about kate plus eight, i didn't even care when she had jon...i am not so fascinated with One Big Happy Family(yes, there is a show called one big happy family and i am not even on it...go figure...) what will i do now when folding laundry and ironing? (wait a second, the boys leave for camp in 22 days and then i won't have any laundry to fold or to iron...) i feel like my life is in shambles. i have already seen every law and order, law and order criminal intent and law and order special victims unit...what's a girl to do? go outside?enjoy the fresh air? have the sun contribute to my aging skin's demise?

good thing i finally got a new bench in front of the old homestead.....enjoy the weather people-breath in the fresh air...the new tv season starts in 3 months....

happy tuesday

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