Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tuesday june 1, 2010...5 months to go!!!!!!

and we continue to give in.....

i can remember pokemon cards, and the joys of finding them in amazing savings for a 1/4 of the price than in other stores...i think the boys weren't so into yugemon cards(never knew what that was)so i didn't have to over-buy those, my sister in law introduced us to MLB showdown cards, which were a big hit....then i remember those godam crazy bones. one dollar bought you 5 hard plastic crazy bones. seriously-what is a crazy bone? if you ever stepped on them, many colorful words would leave your mouth(never infront of the kids, of course), and now, i have been introduced the joys of "crazy bands." crazy bands are colorful rubber bands in different shapes that the kids wear on their wrists. i happen to like these the best, because the boys even wear the "girl" colored ones, and i never have anything pink or purple in my house, so they are a treat for me. i also like them because they don't hurt when you step on them, they are light and easy to store and they come 12 for a dollar...it's all relative.

the true test of a "good" fad, for me, is how well they wash and dry in the laundry. because, inevitably, the kids leave them in their pants pockets, dont tell me they are there, looking through the pockets is not in my job description(not yet, anyway) and they end up being cleaned. cards don't fare so well, crazy bones hold up tremendously(the only plus) and silly bands...well, the boys still like them, so they have yet to take the "maytag test"(maytag is a brand of washing machine and dryer for those of you who don't do your own laundry...) though, i keep finding broken ones on the floor...should i just leave them there? should i put them in a pattern on the floor that leads to the garbage can? will that help at all? being subtle is being ineffective in this house. and clearly i need the extra exercise after the tremendous dessert consumption of last evening.

we give in and by this stuff for our kids because we love them? because it stops them from fighting in the car? because it stops them from fighting in the house? who knows...the reasons don't matter. Just to have them all smiling and happy makes it worth the price of cleaning them up from all over the house....until we move on to the next fad....

happy tuesday

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