Thursday, June 3, 2010

thursday june 3, 2010

is there hope for any of us?

someone suggested that i write a more "political" here is goes.

The great oil spill of 2010....are you kidding, that's not the headline....Tipper and Al Gore are getting divorced!!!! If they can't make it-is there hope for the rest of us?? seriously...they just celebrated their 40th anniversary...they are both good looking(despite the fact that neither of them can actually move their faces. i happen to think that that might be where the real problem began-she always looks like she is smiling, but, she really isn't, but al, being a man, and probably stupid, thought she was smiling....though it could've been the other way around...maybe she thought HE was always smiling..who knows..who cares..I am not one to place blame...) there is no shortage of money..which means that she could probably hire someone to buy her jewelry and flowers...he had the financial where with all to buy whatever he wanted...if you are going to make the effort to make it to 40 years...40 LONG ARDUOUS YEARS...what is the point of calling it quits after that???????????????

if they can't stay together after surviving the white house and the clintons(was it the clinton's? this is why i don't write political blogs...)after everthing they have been through...come on guys..take one for the team. You can live in a house big enough never to have to see eachother-and tipper, there is hope for you, according to the new york post(see, i read the paper) female viagra is on its way-JUST HOLD ON FOR FDA APPROVAL!!! you can do it!!! give it a chance!!!

whenever i hear of a couple getting divorced i always want to know why....sometimes, i get some bogus "we are happier apart" and then find out the bastard was cheating...sometimes, it's a religious thing...and sometimes...they just really really hate eachother and can't stand the sight of one another(thank god i can't relate to any of that...though, i often say, that ari is only going to cheat on me if someone actually comes to the house-that man doesn't get off 0f the couch for just any reason...especially during baseball season, or hockey season, or football season....seems he is on that couch a lot....but i find it adorable, not grating or infuriating....)

ari gets upset when i pat myself on the back for staying married..especially when some of these famous couples can so non-chalantly say "we just grew apart....but we will still be the best of friends...." whatever. marriage is really really hard. and then god throws in menopause and high blood pressure and medication and hormone deficiency and yeshiva tuition and in laws and blah blah blah blah blah. but TIPPER AND AL-beacons of what a husband and wife should's all falling apart. it's like the end of camelot (did that end already? again, this is why i don't write political blogs....)

suck it up people. we can move beyond, together, as americans, as human beings.....truthfully, i can't wait to find out the real story....guess i will have to wait until i have a doctors apppointment to read about it in people magazine.....

happy thursday and god bless america

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