Friday, June 25, 2010

friday, june 25,2010


since i am always privy to the latest sports updates, schedules, trades, drafts and events...i have been informed of the FIFA world cup. which, for those of you who have been living in your panic rooms until your kids go to camp, is S O C C E R. the world cup has been going on for quite a few weeks and, rumor has it, it might continue through the christmas holidays, but since it has been the background noise in my house since the boys have been home from school, i gotta tell ya, i have been feeling pretty bad for those announcers.

the players get to run up the field and down the field and up the field and down the field-they are getting exercise, getting tan, hanging with their buddies...but those poor announcers. "and there goes landon farfegnugen...running, running....ahhh, now he is no longer running, now martin deutchland has the ball and he is running...running...ahhh, so close, but he is no longer running...." it must be even more enjoyable for them with those godam buzzing horns in the background. i am wondering what the the booths look like where they are doing all of this announcing...i am thinking that each of the countries in the world cup have donated various bottles of vodka, scotch, bourbon and other sundries to keep these poor schmucks entertained.

hockey announcers are constantly on their toes-so much action, no time to drink...keith hernandez sounds like he loves his job, reminiscing about the old days, comparing stats of the different players, watching every nuance of each pitch of each batting stance...having jerry seinfeld make a guest appearance....but these poor soccer guys...they are probably naked,dancing around the booth, toasting eachother and not even missing a single play....maybe it isn't such a bad job after all.....go USA!!!

happy friday

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