Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wednesday, june 23,2010

i apologize...

for those of you who are kind enough to read my ramblings, i apologize that i have been posting later and later this week. you see, my three darling sons are all home. now, i know that they leave for camp in T minus 7 i am convinced that the hustle and bustle of this week, the week leading up to the "summer of Banji" as my sister-in-law Amy calls it, are purposely filled with non-stop errands, activities, and laundry as a "calm before the storm..." i mean "the storm before the calm..." ahhh, the calm.

i am not even kidding when i tell you that i just got back from the mall, because why not by your kid brand new shoes so he can take them to camp and ruin them, and while i was there with son#1 and son#3, they were behaving so rambunctiously, that i actually pretended as though i didn't know them. i was even tempted to tell security that there were two adorable boys wandering around that looked lost.

this is also the week when the boys decide to tell me about all of the things that they MUST have for camp...that no one bothered to tell me about during the 10 months leading up to camp-seriously? you couldn't have told me that you needed all this stuff while you were still in school and i had days upon days with nothing to do but blog and eat? but it is ok, because that is my job. to have endless patience and do whatever my kids tell me to do.(and then take all of my anger and hostility out on their father, god bless his soul....i know who is really looking forward to the summer of banji....and it isn't banji....just kidding!!)

though even with all the running around, it is still easier to get boys ready for camp then sets of drawers to bring on the bus, no matching blankets and pillows and sheets and pens that smell tooth brush or soap or shampoo(kidding...) long as they have socks and underwear(and thank god we found underwear in kohls today....even with the guy giving me a senior citizens discount..have i really aged that much in one week???) as long as they have their hockey stick and their baseball glove...all is right with the world.

so i will continue to survive the next 7 days of having them around 24/7, because when they get on the bus and pull tears of joy will turn to tears of sadness.....but will quickly return to joy when i am having dinner at clubhouse cafe and getting trashed on rasberry that's gonna be C A L M......

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