Friday, June 11, 2010

friday june 11, 2010 jack's last day of yeshivas noyam

another you know you are getting old when....

in an attempt to broaden my horizons and escape from reruns, i have discovered the show "royal pains" on the usa network (i think that is the name of the show, and i think that is the network...don't quote me, i have memory issues...) is an enjoyable program about a dr in the hamptons. i was feeling good about watching this show-made me feel young and hip...and then, the Fonz made an appearance. you all remember the dude in a leather jacket who always got the girl on happy days...well, the fonz is now playing a father of two guys in their 30's...ummm..when did that happen? it was one thing when Mrs. Cunningham played a grandmother on grays anatomy...because she could have been my grandmother when i watched happy days...but the fonz?? how old was he when he was in high school? 45??? very disturbing...i kept waiting for him to stick his thumb up and make that annoying noise....(that isn't even an 80's reference, i think we've traveled back to the 70's for that one....) my other question is..if he looks older, much much much older do i look? (dont answer that...someone in my parents synagogue told me i haven't aged a bit...and i am sticking with that comment...even if it was made by someone in fair lawn...JUST KIDDING!!!!....fair lawn will always be my home...because i can wear straw in the winter and felt in the summer and whatever else i want to wear and NO ONE CARES!!!!!)

on a less depressing was son# 1's last day of elementary school....i figured out that he has cost me more than 100,000 dollars so far...wait, that is a MORE depressing note....but he did let me take pictures of him going on the bus for the last time so that made me happy and sad all at the same time. Though, he wouldn't wear the pants i told him too...i explained to him that on his first day of school, i picked out a lovely Blue's Clues ensemble (blues clues is a late 90's early 2000 reference for the older readers...) that he wore with a big smile on his face(along with his yankees knapsack..fortunately, he no longer likes blues clues OR the he has matured some what...) but he just wouldn't wear the pants...which means he has a mind of his own...which means that maybe, ari and i havent totally screwed him up (yet) which means he is growing up...just like the fonz.

happy friday

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