Monday, May 31, 2010

monday may 31 2010

too many desserts...too little time...

there is nothing like a beautiful wedding shared with good friends and a dessert plate that comes with four options...that is right FOUR options...a pecan pie, a chocolate cake with cream in the center (that also had some kind of enjoyable nougat), a round pareve ring ding without the creamy center and, the piece de individual apple tart(which could have used some ice cream, but i managed to eat it anyway...ok, i managed to eat 2...clearly, i don't believe in closet eating...i am totally out of the closet when it comes to eating-not that there is anything wrong with that...). Before this lovely "sampler" was set before me..we were privy to miniature chipwiches, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate chip cookies(which i totally missed...a real tragedy...) upon leaving this beautiful wedding, we were given hot pretzels(not caloric enough) and miniature cinnamon buns(very enjoyable...)

mind you, this was a wedding filled with skinny minnies who can look at these desserts and say "none for me, i just had water with lemon and i am stuffed to the gills" fact, due to circumstances that were beyond my control, one of these minnies ended up sitting on my lap in order to talk to the person sitting next to me. that is right, a grown woman(who weighs as much as a youngster) sat on my lap for a good 10-15 minutes, while i figured out how to steal her dessert. (i made that part up...we weren't up to dessert when she sat on my lap.)

in all seriousness, it was a beautiful evening. everyone was blow dryed and manicured and pedicured and spanxed and high heeled....the bride was glowing, her mother was weepy, her father looked nauseous, but happy all at the same time. it's amazing how a wedding can bring out so many different emotions all at the same time and for so many different reasons. when it was time for the ceremony, everyone ran into the room to get a coveted seat-a seat with a perfect view (the same view that you can get from almost any seat...) i like sitting on the aisle so i can make random comments to the people walking down...when i was single and went to weddings, i would take pictures and then send them to the happy couple...because that is just the considerate person that i am....

all in all it was the perfect end to a memorial day weekend filled with many ups and downs. i wish the happy couple a wonderful life together, filled without bickering and name calling. I wish both sets of parents all the happiness in the world for their children and for eachother...i thank them profusely for the open bar and previously mentioned sweets...and i wish all of you a pleasant evening and a terrific tomorrow.(unless you are reading this tomorrow and then i wish you a terrific today....)

happy monday

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