Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday,early,October 31, 2010

One day to go......

This was my last Saturday night in my 30's. I have had many crazy sat nights in my almost forty years, I have also had many pathetic-I-have-no-life-no one-will-ever-love-me Saturday nites(though not recently...) and tonight, was a really fun night...a perfect segway into, what husband#1 so kindly pointed out, my fifth decade..holy freaking crap MY FIFTH DECADE.....when did this happen?!?!?!?!

Anyway, tonight I went to a really happening bar in teaneck, was so happening that they had a bouncer, a velvet rope situation before you entered the premises, a cover charge..who knew that in teaneck, nj there was such a happening place. The only problem was the dj never heard of my boyfriend Rick Springfield, did not know about eighties music and kept playing the same techno crap over and over and over again. I still danced a little bit, though my friends who came with me were not as enthusiastic about dancing...but I still had a great time....and we were all home before midnight,..,holy crap, I really am going to be forty..home before midnight-and that was a real happening night for me(actually for all of us who went out....)

I know that I only have one more post after this....i really appreciate all of you who have been reading my nonsense over the past ten months....It saddens me that I won't be able to share with all of you the first time I get my hair professionally colored(and it turns purple,with my luck), the first time I realize that I am going through menopause(really looking forward to that), the first time I pee in my pants from coughing....the first time I meet my future daughters in law.....and the list goes on and on..all very exciting things....all things I know you are just dying to hear about...but, alas, all of this ends on Monday....when then first day of the rest of my life begins(but isn't that everyday??)

Happy sunday

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