Friday, October 15, 2010

friday october 15 2010

sewing oats and other random thoughts....

i am leaving for vegas on sunday. words cannot express how excited i am. am i excited for the plane ride by myself (well, with my sister, but i am not going to have to take her to the bathroom or take down her carry on or tell her to stop hitting her brother....) am i excited for 4 nights of peaceful, hopefully not bed bug, interupted sleep? the shows? the alcohol? lying by the pool watching all the silicone infused bodies pass me by? who knows...but it should prove to be an that i am looking forward to. I will hopefully be blogging from sin city-the tattoo parlor i have an appointment at has wireless, so that should really be a good one.

I am leaving husband #1 and sons 1, 2 and 3 with enough pants, powerade, coffee cakes and stella doro cookies to get them through the days that i will not be here. If you see any of them walking around town without pants, call the police....i told them that i am not bringing my cell phone but, fortunately, husband #1's parents are around so i am sure they will be able to help out. (my parents, on the other hand, will be in vegas...yes, you read correctly, they are going to be in vegas...that is for another blog...) but enough about that.

what a week it has been....after 5 long hours of bonding with the creme de la creme of the rick springfield fan club, i met my boyfriend. yes, i know he looks like he stepped right of out madame tussauds wax museum, but i love him. i have loved him since i was 11 years old...the only man i have loved longer than that is my there is a lot to be said for that. Rick and i had a lovely conversation...he remembered me and my birthday hat from his concert-i told him that i still had not washed my hair from where he kissed it (and confirmed that i was kidding, but i made rick springfield laugh and that made me so happy - especially with his history of depression and all...) it was a happy happy day. Got a great picture which once i figure out how to upload, will post it as my new blog picture, but dont get your hopes up because the fact that there is a picture on my blog at all is a miracle...

and now i have to go get ready for the sabbath queen, start packing, finish the laundry so in addition to the pants, the men in my life wont run out of underwear or socks....i do have my priorities..

happy baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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